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一網打盡 (1973)
The Thunder Kick

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 09/02/2006
Summary: Divide and Conquer.

Li Chin-Kun has lost his good bloodbrother Nan Kung-Hsun and swears revenge! Nan has been killed by three brothers who rule a lawless village: Yukio Someno, boss of the Casino; Huang Pei-Chih, boss of the Opium House and Lau Tai-Chuen, boss of the Brothel. Their business are plenty of tricks, swindles and white slavery (By the way, in the Casino the main game is betting if the beans are even or odds! O.o ). The three brothers are excelent martial artists and each one of them has many henchmen. The only way to defeat them is dividing them by appealing to their greed. So now Li will be able to kill them one by one. Very good idea! In the final battle (against Someno of course) Li begins to mimic Bruce Lee and you can hear the music themes of his movies. Actually this was not necessary. Yip Wing-Cho, the director of the movie, appears a few minutes in one scene when is thrashed, probably by the spectators of the theatre when they saw how bad and cheaply directed are the action scenes. Instead of losing your money with this movie you better can lose it in the Casino (betting on beans), the Opium House or in a Brothel.

Reviewer Score: 4