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Blow Up

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/25/2002
Summary: Lots of kicking

.... and you'd certainly expect that of a film featuring Cassanova Wong, Kwan Yung Moon and Carter Wong. It was a bit hard to follow whatever subtleties there may have been, due to the lack of subs, but there was a lot of changing loyalties and very little sense.

I have enjoyed many of Cassa's films, and can even accept him as a hero, but the filmmakers seem to have not had a clear idea of what to do with him here. The opening scene has him dressed like Vinnie in Saturday Night Fever, when he charms Mai Suet, playing a singer, in a disco, complete with numerous glitter balls. One wondered whether this was going to be Cassa playing a romantic lead. The remainder of the movie alternates between gritty street scenes, fight scenes mainly of people kicking and slashing, and scenes in the disco.

Despite being a supposedly romantic couple, there's no spark at all between Cassa and Suet. Only their disagreements are convincing. But the strangest thing is that Kwan Yung Moon, despite only a few scenes, completely steals the show. His moves are by far the best of all the actors, and they even manage to raise a few laughs. In the scenes where he and fellow Korean Cassa fight, Kwan wipes the floor with him.

Overall, this weird opus has some entertaining bits, but is only just average.

Reviewer Score: 5