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偷窺樂無窮II之著草威龍 (2003)
The Peeper's Story 2 - The Escape Partner
Alias: 偷窺樂無窮之著草威龍
Origin: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese  Mandarin 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Law Man-Tik
  Law Man-Tik
  Danny Ng Chi-Keung
  Cheung Wing-Kwan
  Eric Wan Tin-Chiu ... Officer Chiu
  Yum Kong-Sau ... Yuen Kwan
  Sophie Ngan Chin-Man ... Judy
  Crystal Suen Ah-Lei ... Si Si
  Oscar Lam Wai-Kin ... Dan Ching
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Tsui Chek
  Lily (2) ... Lily
  Chui Ling    
  Lam Mai-Ko    
  Kong Lau    
  Chuk Dan    
  Hau Kong-Lung    
  Chu Ba ... Keung
  Ma Si-Kin    
  Chan Siu-Keung    
  Wong Chan-Si    
  Cheung Wing-Kwan    
  Lee Yuk-Fu    
  Woo Chi (2)    
  Michael Lam Gong ... Wong Ku
Production Company
  Joy Sales Films & Video Distributors Co. Ltd.
Filming Company
  Wui Lung Ltd.
Assistant Director
  Ho San-Tat (3)
Script Supervisor
  Li Jie
  Yan Siu-Ning
  Yiu Kit-Wa   Man Chai
Costume Designer
  Kam Cheong-Moi
  Luk Kwan
  Shenzhen Film & TV Advertisement Co., Ltd.
Sound Recordist
  Ngai Lam Recording Studio
  Ng Wai-Chan
Production Manager
  Chu Ba   Jiang Tao
  In this episode Dan Qing and Xu Xi seek shelter at the residence of Xiao Meisha because they owe debts. At the same time Lai Pijiu kills Gao Feng in order to revenge Huo Cha and also escapes to Xiao Meisha after the police issue an arrest warrant. In the end Zhu Di finds out about this and rushes to Xiao Meisha's place to kill Lai Pijiu to settle their old enmity, but is instead killed by Lai Pijiu. While all of this happens Dan Qing and Xu Xi are in a middle of a photo session. As they try to get rid of their debts they decide to hand over the entire material of the killings, which the recorded with their camera. Lai Pijiu is finally brought to justice while Dan Qing and Xu Xi make up their minds to stay at Xiao Meisha 's and to continue taking pictures.....