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最遙遠的距離 (2007)
The Most Distant Course
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Drama 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (Taiwan): 11/02/2007
Release Date (HK): 03/17/2008
  Lin Jing-Jie
  Lin Jing-Jie
  Kwai Lun-Mei    
  Mok Chi-Yee    
  Alec Chia Hsiao-Kuo    
  James Wen Sheng-Hao    
  Wu Pong-Fong    
  Iris Tseng Li-Ting    
Production Company
  Edko Films Ltd.
  Yang Wei-Han
Sound Recordist
  Kuo Li-Chi   Tu Duu-Chih   Tang Hsiang-Chu
  The Most Distant Course is what it takes for three desperate souls to find themselves. Ruoyun keeps receiving tapes that are meant for the former occupant of her flat. The tapes are from Xiao Tang, who hopes to win back his ex-girlfriend with the sounds of the coast. There he meets Ah Cai, a psychiatrist burdened by other people''s problems, only to realise that he himself is also in need of rehabilitation. Their paths intersect and they gain a new understanding of their inner selves. (Broadway Circuit)