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人約黃昏後 (1951)
Sunset Rendezvous
Tai Seng vcd: Tragic Romance in the Pavilion
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Drama 
Release Date (HK): 06/07/1951
  Ng Wui
  Cheng Kang
  Cheng Sang
  Pak Yin ... Yip Sin-Yue
  Cheung Ying ... Szeto Choi-Ming
  Lai Yee ... Lui So-Kam
  Lam Mui-Mui ... Mrs. Lui
  Yee Chau-Sui ... Mr. Lui
  Fung Ying-Seung ... Sun
  Chow Chi-Sing ... Club manager
  Ko Lo-Chuen ... Mr. Wu
  To Sam-Ku ... Wu's wife
  Wong Cho-San ... Fuk, servant
  Tang Mei-Mei ... Ah Chui
  Yip Yan-Foo ... Mr Yip
  Heung Hoi ... Policeman
  Lee Lai-Ping ... Miss Sei
  Chun Chun ... Miss Ng
  Do Ngok ... Guest
Production Company
  Evergreen Motion Picture Company
  Cho Chi   Ho Luk-Ying
Art Director
  Chan Ki-Yui
  Chiu Yi-Wing
  Yu Shun
Sound Recordist
  Kwok Keung
Executive Producer
  Cheng Sang
Production Manager
  Chu Tsi-Kwai
  Orphan girl Yip Sin-yu has just graduated from high school. She pays a visit to her uncle Lui Sau-hong. At a railway station, an impulsive young man twice offended her. Arriving in her uncle's house, Sin-yu is introduced to Szeto Choi-ming, her uncle's godson who is a fine arts graduate returning from overseas and the same young man who has offended her at the station. Although they live under the same roof, the uneasiness persists. But their relations gradually improve. One night, Sin-yu discovers a portrait of herself hung up in Choi-ming's room. On the portrait, Choi-ming has written verses of love. In response, Sin-yu writes a few words on the portrait expressing her love. Choi-ming dates Sin-yu in the garden where they reveal their love for each other. But his godmother Mrs Lui and her daughter So-kam, who secretly loves Choi-ming, see them together. Mrs Lui asks So-kam to pretend to be sick and blame it on Sin-yu. Sin-yu then disavows any relationship with Choi-ming, saying that she instead favours her uncle's nephew, Pak Sun-ng, an unruly alcoholic. Sin-yu is asked to leave the house and to stay at Lui's country house. Mrs Lui keeps a close watch on Choi-ming, making sure that he will not visit Sin-yu. Living under the threats posed by Sun-ng, Sin-yu asks a servant Uncle Fuk to arrange for a meeting with Choi-ming. During the meeting, Sin-yu proposes that they elope, but Choi-ming is too weak to commit. Instead, he tells Sin-yu to be patient. An argument ensues and Sin-yu stabs Choi-ming by mistake while intending to kill herself. Believing that Choi-ming is dead, Sin-yu tries to destroy the evidence. But her act is discovered by the whole party who come after being alerted to their secret meeting. Seeing that there is no way to escape, Sin-yu kills herself. (Based on viewing of the film.) According to newspaper advertisements, this was the first film in the southern Chinese region to use a new 360-degree revolving camera. - From HKFA catalogue