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九降風之中國大陸篇 (2008)
The Winds of September - The Chinese Mainland Chapter
Alias: The Tropic of Cancer
Alias: 攤開你的地圖
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
  Han Yan (2)
  Wu Xiao-Liang    
  Qin Jun-Jie    
  Chi Jia    
  Liu Shu-Han    
  Wang Yuan-Hu    
  Some time before the return of Hong Kong's sovereignty to China, a Mainland high school stages a variety show to celebrate the occasion. One of the most brilliant openings among the many recent Chinese high school titles, it introduces the unfolding drama of rival groups of "good" and "bad" students and their "internal contradictions", and serves as a continual mental backdrop for the audience: of youth caught in a society whose founding ideology has become obsolete and absurd. (HKIFF)