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西門町 (2012)
Westgate Tango
Origin: Taiwan
Release Date (HK): 09/07/2012
  James Wang Wei
  James Wang Wei
  Qu Pei-Fen
  Lin Da (2)
  Huang Hui-Feng
  Dylan Kuo Pin-Chao    
  Amber An Xin-Ya    
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang    
  Denny Tsao Hsi-Ping    
  Kitamura Toyoharu    
  Jett Lee Kit-Yu    
  Wang Zhiping    
  Paul Chiang Kang-Che    
  Feature debut by notable film critic Wang Wei. The film takes Taipeis trendy Ximending district, best known for its mix of alternative lifestyles, youth fashion and the antimony of adolescent life, and provides an upbeat story of damaged young people finding their purpose in life. The films upbeat tone may appeal to some, but the complexity of the background is obliterated by rom-com stereotypes. (Taipei Times)