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沒有女人的地方 (1956)
A Place Without Woman
Alias: Where There Is No Woman
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
  Tang Shao-Hua
  Chou Hsu-Chiang
  Wong Cheuk-Hon
  Long Fang
  Huang He (1)    
  Jiao Hong-Ying    
  Jeanette Lin Tsui    
  Ting Ying (1)    
  Tien Feng    
  Kao Ming (2)    
  Lee Hsing    
  Chou Hsu-Chiang    
  Ching Miao    
  Ku Chun    
  George Wang Chueh    
Filming Location
  In 1955, Tang made his second comedy feature Where There Are No Women (Mei You Nu Ren De Di Fang). The black and white film tells the story of seven well-educated bachelors who share an idyllic country residence, enjoying a “female-free” lifestyle. When one of them rescues a young lady at the beach and brings her home, all the men fall victim to her beauty and charm. Fierce competition for her affection ensues, their once male-only pad is suddenly dominated by an attractive woman out of nowhere. In the era’s political climate, Tang had to end the film with upbeat moral values and the colorful characters commit themselves to serving society. Nonetheless, the surprisingly enjoyable Where There Are No Women, partially funded by private investments, was a significant crossover between a policy-film and a commercially oriented independent feature. The lead actor of Where There Are No Women was none other than Lee Hsing/Li Xing (b. 1930), who went on to become one of Taiwan’s most influential filmmakers. Having appeared in Where There Is No Women and several other films directed by Tang Shao-hua, Lee developed an interest in film production and became an assistant director for Tang in 1957