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三鳳震武林 (1968)
Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Hokkien 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (HK): 08/23/1968
  Chen Hung-Min
  Chu Ke
Martial Arts Director
  Kang Ming
  Jintana Ferreira
  Liu Bo-Fan
  Yang Li-Hua ... Xiu Feng
  Liu Ching (4) ... Chi Feng
  Chin Mei ... Qi Feng
  Kang Ming ... 'Big brother'
  Wu Pin-Nan ... '2nd brother'
  Yi Yuan ... '3rd brother'
  Lin Lin ... Teahouse wife
  Ko Hsiao-Pao ... Teahouse Boss
  Chin Tu ... Waiter
  Chou Wan-Sheng ... Bandit
  Ai Chi-Tou ... Bandit
  Yang Chang-Chiang    
  Lan Chi ... Molested girl
  Shih Yueh-Niang ... Girl's mother
  Huang Pang    
  Ying Ying ... Mother
  Su Chu ... Feng Maid
Production Company
  New Regal Film Company
Assistant Director
  Hsu Feng-Chung
  Wong Shui-Cheung
1st Unit Cinematographer
  Lin Kun-Chi
Focus Puller
  Yang Hong (3)
  Wang Feng (6)
Art Director
  Liu Yan-Tian
Costume Designer
  Shu Hua
  Yang Chang-Chiang
  Nan Fang-Jen
Sound Recordist
  Lin Kun-Chi
  Huang Ssu-Shan
Production Manager
  Chan Hsi-Fan   You Lu
Unit Manager
  You Jin-Fang
Filming Location
  In the prelude to this martial arts film, bandits kill a former sheriff and his wife. A servant carries their three little daughters to safety, but they grow up apart. Fifteen years later, each girl sets out to seek revenge. Eldest sister Xiu Feng (Yang Lihua) disguises herself as a man, performing acts of chivalry as she seeks out the bandits. Along the way, she runs across her sisters, Qing Feng (Liu Qing) and Zhi Feng (Jin Mei). They are entranced by the handsome stranger. Will Qing Feng and Zhi Feng figure out he is in fact their sister, Xiu Feng? Will the three Phoenixes find the bandits and avenge their parents?