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紅菱巧破無頭案 (1959)
Hongling Solves the Mystery Case
Alias: Red Shoes Solves the Mystery Case
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Chinese Opera 
Release Date (HK): 07/15/1959
  Chu Kei
  Lee Yuen-Man
  Hui Lap-Tsai
  Poon Yat-On ... Chun Sam-Fung
  Fung Wong-Nui ... Yeung Lau-Kiu
  Chan Kam-Tong (1) ... Magistrate Tso Wai-Ming
  Law Kim-Long ... Lau Chi-Hing
  Au Fung-Ming ... Yuk-Kwai
  Lee Pang-Fei (1) ... Inspector
  Cheung Sang ... County magistrate
Production Company
  Lap Tat Film Co.
Assistant Director
  Kong Man
  Tong Tik-Sang
Production Manager
  Leung King-Hin
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  In order to be with widow Yeung Lau-kiu, Chun Sam-fung ruthlessly kills his wife and frames the murder on his sister-in-law So Yuk-kwai and her lover Lau Chi-hing. Lau's mentor Tso Wai-ming, the magistrate, strives to reverse the verdict. He ingratiates himself with Yeung so as to extract the truth from her. Tso's ingenuity allows the truth to be known. - HKFA