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蝶影紅梨記 (1959)
Butterfly and Red Pear
Alias: Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Chinese Opera 
Release Date (HK): 09/16/1959
  Lee Tit
  Tong Tik-Sang
  Yam Kim-Fai ... Chiu Yu-Chau
  Pak Suet-Sin ... Che So-Chau
  Leung Sing-Bo ... Lau Gung Chai
  Liang Tsi-Pak ... Wong Fu
  Cheung Sing-Fei ... Leung Si-Shing
  Luk Fei-Hung    
  Leung Siu-Kam    
  Ying Lai-Lei    
  Leung Suk-Hing    
  Fung Wai-Man    
  Leung Yuk-Kwan    
  Chu Siu-Boh    
  Lee Kei-Fung    
  Cheung Sang    
  Chan Lap-Ban    
  Lam Siu    
  Lam Liu-Ngok    
Production Company
  Bo Ying
  Suen Lun
  Lau Siu (3)
Art Director
  Leung Chi-Hing
  Lai Chu
  Tse Tsak-Yuen
  Ko Tak
Sound Recordist
  Hui Yan-Ho   Chan Kam-Chuen
  Fung Wah   Chu Ngai-Kong   Ho Hoi-Ki
  Lee So   Lau Siu-Wing   Carlton Chu Hing-Cheung
  Wong Che-Si   Man Chuen   Leung Yue-Fong
  Law Ching-Ting
Dance Choreographer
  Ng Sai-Fan
  Lee Tit
Production Manager
  Hung Keung
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Written by the great librettist Tong Tik-sang, and featuring Lee Tit's elegant direction and superb performances from Yam Kim-fai and Pak Suet-sin, "Butterfly and Red Pear Blossom" brings Cantonese opera to cinematic life. The film features two lovers who have never met in person but whose poetry over three years has subtly declared their unyielding love. Yam's minimalist acting style enables her to convey dynamic passion as well as step about the stage with ease and accomplish the image of a resolute, yet gentle, scholar. Pak meanwhile defies a prime minister with pride and dignity. (Press release)