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任劍輝  ♀
Yam Kim-Fai
Yam Kim-Fei
Born: February 4th, 1913 - Died: November 29th, 1989

Filmography (1937-1968)
  Actor (315 films)
    A Mysterious Night (1937)    
    The Handsome Hero Perplexed by Love (1951)    
    The Love Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1951) ... Chuk Ying Toi
    Zhang Junrui Murders Jia Baoyu for Love (1951)    
    A King Speaks His Heart (1951)    
    Lucky Strike (1951)    
    The Amorous Meng Lijun (1951)    
    The Story of Hua Mulan (1951)    
    Girl Who Plays Young Master (1952)    
    The Young Lady's Escort Army (1952)    
    Like the Splendour of a Myriad Blooms (1952)    
    Lovesick (1952) ... Yam Ming-fai
    Mis-Matched Love Birds (1952)    
    Funny Fellows (1952)    
    Frolicking with a Pretty Maid in the Wineshop (1952)    
    Wu Pan'an and His Impersonator (1952)    
    Broken Illusions of Gold (1952)    
    Emperor's Nocturnal Sacrifice (1952)    
    Stage-fans' Sweetheart (1952)    
    The Affair Between Lu Bu and Diaochan (1952)    
    Back Stage Lovers (1952) ... Pak Siu-Ming
    Palace Efang on Fire (1952)    
    Two Naughty Girls (1952)    
    The Singers' Special (1952) ... [Herself]
    The Sensuous Singer (1952) ... Cheung Man-Mei
    The Twelve Beauties (1952)    
    Wife in the Morning, Sister-in-Law at Night (1952)    
    Private Lives of Opera and Movie Stars (1952) ... Herself
    Playboy Emperor (1953)    
    The Ill-fated Woman (1953)    
    Opera Star Special (1953)    
    Love Affairs of the Opera Master (1953)    
    Flowers for Sale (1953)    
    A Sweet Love-Affair (1953)    
    All Acquaintances Are Single (1953)    
    The Clumsy Lover (1953)    
    How Sima's Lute Song Won the Widow's Heart (1953)    
    Sweet Girl (1953)    
    Sworn to Love (1953) ... Yam Fan
    Five Remonstrations with an Unreasonable Wife (1953)    
    The Very Best From Show Biz (1953)    
    Romance of Fuji Mountain (1954)    
    Swallows in Spring (1954) ... Ching Yu-Shan
    The Splendour of Snow (1954)    
    The Courtship Game (1954)    
    The Maidservant's Sad Tale (1954)    
    Young Mother (1954)    
    The Phoenix's Escape (1954)    
    Whose Son Is This? (1954)    
    From Marriage to Monastery (1954)    
    Paying Nocturnal Sacrifice to Kam-Kiu (1954)    
    A Houseful of Treasures (1954)    
    The Bachelor-Girls (1954)    
    The Merry Month of May (1955)    
    Now That I've Got a Daughter, Everything's O.K. (1955)    
    The Model and the Car (1955)    
    As Luck Will Have It (1955)    
    Blessings Come in Pairs (1955)    
    The Matchmaker's Fault (1955)    
    An Actor's Struggle (1955)    
    Mrs. Chen's Boat Chase (1955) ... Poon Bit-Ching
    The Independent Daughter (1955)    
    The Sun and the Moon Shine Again (1955)    
    Silvery Moon (1955) ... Ching Wan-Cheung
    A Dream of Love (1955) ... Man Shu
    Meng Lijun and the Amorous King (1955)    
    The Oil Vendor and His Pretty Bride (1955)    
    A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrant (1955) ... (2) Mang Kiu, Mang Wan/son
    Lady Red-Broom Elopes (1955)    
    Romance Lasting Seven Lives (1955)    
    Two Sisters ion a Buddhist House (1955)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Blind singer
    Heroine in Black (1955)    
    Sing Her a Love Song (1955)    
    The Happy Hall (1956)    
    How Zhou Yu Was Thrice Defeated by Kong Ming (1956)    
    Feather Fan Under Spring Lantern (1956)    
    Spring Comes Back (1956)    
    A Suitor for the King's Sister (1956)    
    How Xue Dingshan Thrice Angered Fan Lihua (1956)    
    Homeward Flies the Swallow (1956)    
    Lu Mengzheng Prays to the Stove God (1956)    
    Jing Ke Assassinates the King of Qin (1956)    
    A Fierce Debator (1956) ... Man/Mun
    A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death (1956)    
    The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu (1956)    
    Gui Zhi Sues (1956)    
    The Idiotic Couple (1956)    
    The Sanmen Street Brawl (1956)    
    Bloodshed in the Chu Palace (1956)    
    The Many Scholars (1956)    
    How Wong Fei-Hung Saved the Lovelorn Monk from the Ancient Monastery (1956) ... Tin-Yin
    Madam Du Sinks Her Treasure Chest in Anger (1956)    
    Gao Junbao, a Spy in the Fort (1956)    
    Chang E's Flight to the Moon (1956)    
    Too Late for Divorce (1956)    
    Prosperity Knocks (1957)    
    Best Fortune (1957)    
    The Immortal Romance of the Red Leaf (1957)    
    Tricking the Lords with Beacon Fires (1957)    
    Happy Reunion (1957)    
    The Phoenix Hairpin (1957)    
    Naughty Princes, Proud Husband (1957)    
    The War Between Chu and Han (1957)    
    Martyrs of Ming (1957)    
    The Fairy in the Picture (1957)    
    The Nymph of the River Lo (1957)    
    How the Scholar Tang Bohu Won the Maid Qiuxiang (1957)    
    The Goddess Who Came to Prince Xiang (1957)    
    The Beauty's Grave (1957)    
    Virtuous Daughter-in-Law Sells Well-Behaved Child (1958)    
    A Pair of Silent Enemies (1958)    
    A Scholar Becomes Rich (1958)    
    The Merry Phoenix (1958)    
    The Lucky Star of the Golden Palace (1958)    
    The Marriage of the 2 Beautiful Kiu Sisters (1958)    
    The Story of Liu Jinding (1958)    
    Heartbreak Plaque (1958)    
    Zhang Xun Slays His Concubine to Please the Army (1958)    
    Sisters-in-laws' Tombs beside Luoyang Bridge (1958)    
    The Three Trials of the Scholar's Wife (1958)    
    A Buddhist Recluse for 14 Years (1958)    
    Emperor Zhengde's Night Visit to the Dragon-and-Phoenix Inn (1958) ... Emperor Zhengde
    Spring Breeze Brings Back the Returned Swallow (1958)    
    The Peach Blossom Fairy (1958)    
    Swallows Come Home (1958)    
    The Carp Spirit (1958)    
    The Tragic Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1958) ... Liang Shanbo
    The False Accusation of Mother (1958)    
    Substituting a Racoon for the Prince (1958)    
    The Story of Yu Tang-Chun (1958)    
    Beauty Fades from Twelve Ladies' Bower (1958) ... Wai Ting-yee, Siu-yee
    Secret Love Part 2 (1959)    
    Twelve Beauties' Tricks on the Scholar (1959)    
    Girl of Pitiable Fate (1959)    
    Love Follows Fortune (1959)    
    Love Under the Festival Lanterns (1959)    
    The Purple Hairpin (1959) ... Scholar Li Yi
    Story of Mu Guiying (Part 1) (1959)    
    Swallow the Poison with a Smile (1959) ... Ching Yat-wong
    Story of Mu Guiying (Part 2) (1959)    
    Snow Storm in June (1959)    
    Gold-braided Fan (1959)    
    Triennial Mourning on the Bridge (1959)    
    Misguided Love (1959)    
    Boat-girls' Battle for Love (1959)    
    The Departed One's Return to Pipa Lane (1959)    
    Trial of the Wife Who Murdered Her Mother-in-Law (1959)    
    The Fairy of Ninth Heaven (1959)    
    Tragedy of the Emperor's Daughter (1959)    
    The Lion's Roar (1959)    
    The Lotus' Story (1959)    
    Sweet Dew on a Beautiful Flower (1959)    
    Regret from the Spring Lantern and Feathered Fan (1959)    
    Now That I've Got a Son, Everything's O.K. (1959)    
    Emperor Zhengde's Romantic Adventures (1959)    
    The Whims of the Heart (1959)    
    The Dream Meeting Between Emperor Wu of Han and Lady Wei (1959)    
    Butterfly and Red Pear (1959) ... Chiu Yu-Chau
    Emperor Zhwengde Falls in Love in Yixiang Garden (1959)    
    Happy Lovers (1959)    
    Miserable Daughter-in-Law (1959)    
    Cuckoo's Soul in March (1959)    
    On the Road to Success (Part 1) (1959)    
    On the Road to Success (Part 2) (1959)    
    The Magic-Eyed Queen Spots the Prince (Part 1) (1959)    
    The Magic-Eyed Queen Spots the Prince (Part 2) (1959)    
    Fete of the White Hare (1959)    
    The Moonlight and Pi-pa of the Borderland (1959)    
    Happy Wedding (1959)    
    An Ancient Bride (1960)    
    Tang Palace Flowers (1960)    
    A Pity Woman Met Her Former Lover Again (1960)    
    The Elopment (1960)    
    Five Children at One Birth (1960)    
    Wife-Teasing at the Honeymoon (1960)    
    Xi Shi, the Eternal Beauty (1960)    
    The Stubborn Generations (1960) ... Ko Kim-Kwong
    Fan Lay Far (1960)    
    The Festive Lantern (1960)    
    Escape from Banishment (1960)    
    Last Minute (1960) ... Pak Ching-Wah
    The Naughty Couple (1960)    
    Madam Yun (1960) ... Shum Sam-Pak
    Emperor's Rhapsody (1960)    
    The Unroyal Prince (1960)    
    Fan Lay Far and Her Adopted Son (1960)    
    Changing Fiancee (1960)    
    Rescue at the West River (1960)    
    The Unknown Benefactress (1960)    
    Prince Flying Dragon (1960)    
    Filial Piety (1960)    
    Good Humanity (1960) ... Hung
    Romantic Music (Part 1) (1960) ... Tong Yu-Lam
    The Random Harvest (1960)    
    A Chaste Widow's Grievance (1960)    
    Revolt in Heaven (1960)    
    A Wonderful Petition (Part 1) (1960)    
    Romantic Music (Part 2) (1960)    
    Monarchical Restoration (1960)    
    A Sound Judgement (1960)    
    The Widow with Grievance (1960) ... Wong Mong-Ha
    The Story of Li Xian (1960)    
    The Eagle Knight and the Crimson Girl (1960) ... Eagle Knight Ka Fook
    The Dream Comes True (1960)    
    Avenged (1960) ... Chui Chow-Ngan
    A Song to Remember (Part 1) (1960)    
    A Song to Remember (Part 2) (1960)    
    Golden Chrysanthemum (1960)    
    Filial Piety That Moves Heaven (Part 1) (1960) ... Tong Pak-Yuen
    Traitrous Queen (1960)    
    Filial Piety That Moves Heaven (Part 2) (1960) ... Tong Pak-Yuen
    Reincarnated Love (1960)    
    Dai Heung Lei Cheut Sing (1961)    
    The Colourful Water-chestnut (1961)    
    Heroic Lovers (1961)    
    An Aristocratic Affair (1961)    
    The Prince Incognito (1961)    
    Miu Tribe (1961) ... Mang Sung-kim
    Misunderstanding Disturbance (1961)    
    New Year's Greetings (1961)    
    Prince Tailone (1961)    
    The Idiot Husband (1961)    
    The Palace of the August Moon (1961)    
    A Written Petition (1961)    
    Human Cargo (Part 1) (1961)    
    The Valiant Prince (1961)    
    A Fool's Luck (1961)    
    Riot in the Palace (1961)    
    The Prosecution (1961)    
    Pagoda of Golden Snake (1961)    
    The Temple of the Golden Orchid (Part 1) (1961)    
    The Temple of the Golden Orchid (Part 2) (1961)    
    The Cruel King (1961)    
    Pretended Ghost (1961)    
    The Golden Cat (1961)    
    Witness for the Prosecution (1961)    
    I Cannot Love You (1961)    
    Revenge and Gratitude (1961)    
    Pair of Jade Butterfly (1961)    
    Seven Phoenixes (1961)    
    The General and the Tyrant (1961)    
    Beautiful Butterfly (1961)    
    Story of a Sedan-bearer (1961)    
    The Stove Fire (1961)    
    Dik Ching the Hero (1961) ... Dik Ching
    In the Palace (1961)    
    Beauty (1961) ... Cheung Shui-Cheung/Gold Dragon Prince
    Fun on Polygamous Marriage (1961)    
    Romantic Night of Hong Kong (1961)    
    Mummy in Play (1961)    
    Fall of Liang (1961) ... Emperor Jing
    Two Generals in Contention for a Wife (1962)    
    The Female Champion (1962) ... Leung Kam-ching
    The Glamorous Couple (1962)    
    Grandest of All Families (1962)    
    Walk a Thousand Miles to Escort the Princess (1962)    
    How Di Qing and the 5 Tigers Conquered the West (1962)    
    Uproar in the Palace (1962)    
    A Test of Love (1962)    
    The Devil Bell (1962)    
    Luo Cheng at the Gate (1962)    
    Meeting My Darling Wife in the Crypt (1962)    
    Showdown at the Hall of Yan (1962)    
    A Story of Love and Revenge (1962)    
    A Petition of the Beggar Prince (1962)    
    The Haunchback Hero (1962)    
    The Chopper That Becomes a King (1962)    
    Returning Home on a Snowy Night (1962)    
    An Act of Righteousness (Part 1) (1962)    
    An Act of Righteousness (Part 2) (1962)    
    Filial Piety Is the Best Virtue (1962)    
    Three Petitions (1962)    
    Awaiting the Husband to Return on a Pavilion (1962)    
    Ghost Hero (1962)    
    The 2 Princes' Passage Through the Wild Goose Gate (1962)    
    Spring Comes to the Palace (1962)    
    Rendezvous at Baidi City (1962) ... Zhao king Tin-wah
    The Golden Gourd (1963)    
    Compilation of Dacheng Colours (1963)    
    Joy to the World (1963)    
    Triumphal Celebrations (1963)    
    Two Heroes (1963)    
    Goddess of Mercy (1963)    
    Blessings from Heaven (1963)    
    The Prince Becomes a Monk (1963) ... Prince Yuk Loon
    The Swordsman and the Swordswoman (1963)    
    The Intelligent Mandarin (1963)    
    The Super Hero Plunders the Palace (1963) ... But Ming
    The Heroic Couple (1963)    
    The Blood-Stained Cup (1963)    
    The Shrewd Wife (1963)    
    It's Sweet to Die for One's Love (1963)    
    Funny Thief (1963)    
    God Erlang (1963)    
    Happy Ending (1963)    
    The Golden Key (1963)    
    The Giant Serpent's Angry (1963)    
    Sixteen Years of Love and Hate (1963) ... General Lui Wai-Kit
    The Lotus Lamp (1963)    
    I Want My Country and My Wife Back (1963)    
    Spring Blossoms (1964) ... Chow Chung-Fong
    The Golden Arrow and the Silver Dragon (1964)    
    Beautiful Heaven (1964)    
    Sad Autumn (1964)    
    The 9 Phoenixes of the City (1964)    
    Bloody Palm Print (1964)    
    The Empire and the Beauty (1964)    
    Mysterious Murder (1964)    
    A Teasing Game (1964)    
    Twelve Beauties (1964)    
    All Are Happy (1964)    
    The Red Robe (1965)    
    Night of the Opera Stars (1966)    
    Tragedy of the Poet King (1968)    
  Born December 29, 1912 (Chinese calendar) Frequently played male scholars.

From Hong Kong Tourism Board

Yam Kim Fai started to learn the art of Cantonese opera at the age of 14. She became an outstanding female actor of the civil and also martial roles. Yam's grace on stage won her the title of "Audience's Lover". She started her co-operation with Pak Suet Sin in the forties of the last century. They performed seamlessly and the duo were considered to be perfect on-stage and on-screen partners. In the mid fifties the pair founded the Sin Fung Ming Cantonese Opera Troupe and produced masterpieces like "Peony Pavilion", "The Tragedy of the Emperor's Daughter", "The Purple Hairpin", and "Reincarnation of Lady Plum Blossom". In 1951 she made her first movie, "The Valiant Poon On Perplexed by Love", which embarked her on a sixteen year career in film acting that embraced such memorable works like "The Tragedy of the Emperor's Daughter", "The Purple Hairpin", and "Snow in June". In most of the films Yam made she was often the male lead. After making "Tragedy of the Poet King", Yam retired from the film industry and focused on the training of young talents in Cantonese opera, so that Yam and Pak's artistry could be passed on to the new generation. She was presented with the 100 Years Opera Movie Hall Award of the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1995.

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