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手鎗 (1961)
The Pistol
Alias: 手槍
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Action 
Release Date (HK): 11/01/1961
  Li Han-Hsiang
  Kao Li
  Kao Li
  Wong Yuet-Ting
  Sir Run Run Shaw
  Wang Yin ... Shen Jia-Guang/Chia-Kuang
  Li Hsiang-Chun ... Lu Xiao-Yin/Hsiao-Yin
  Peter Chen Ho ... Little Zhang/Chang
  Chao Lei ... Bus passenger
  Betty Loh Tih ... Lead actress in movie shooting
  Teng Hsiao-Yu ... Shen Xiao-Guang/Hsiao-Kuang
  Li Li-Hua ... Bus passenger
  Margaret Tu Chuan ... Socialite
  Liu Liang-Hua ... Miss Liu
  Ding Ling ... Miss Huang
  Pat Ting Hung ... Factory girl
  Fanny Fan Lai ... Miss Jin/Chin
  Lily Mo Chou ... Socialite
  Sek Ying    
  Yiu Kwang-Chao ... Prostitute's customer
  Pang Pang    
  King Hu ... Little Li
  Lo Wei ... Dai Heng
  Paul Chang Chung    
  Wong Chung    
  Hung Bo    
  Chu Mu    
  Hoh Ban    
  Wong Yuet-Ting    
  Yang Chi-Ching    
  Su Hsiang    
  Lok Kei    
  Kao Hsiang ... Mother Ah Ying
  Wu Suo    
  Lau Yan-Kit    
  Chang Min    
  Diana Chang Chung-Wen ... Bus passenger
  Kiu Chong ... Priest
  Lee Kwan    
Production Company
  Shaw Brothers
Executive Producer
  Sir Run Run Shaw
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Long unemployed and stone-broke, Shen Jiaguang is dealt a further blow when his wife Lu Xiaoyin has fallen seriously ill and their son Xiaoguang has to quit school. The couple seek work as extras but the wife vomits blood on the film set. Shen turns to an old friend for help only to be accused of theft, rejected and humiliated in public. On returning home he is told of his wife's attempted suicide by neighbours who have saved her life. Distressed and desperate, Shen takes a gamble on life by staging a series of heists and robberies armed with the fake gun his son has found on the street. The life of the family of three changes for the better. The guilt-stricken robber, caught committing a robbery for one last time, calmly surrenders to the police to pay the price of crime