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夜車 (1980)
The Happenings
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Crime 
Release Date (HK): 04/03/1980
  Yim Ho
  Yim Ho
  Shu Kei
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Cheung Kwok-Keung (1) ... Cream / Ah Lo
  Lisa Yuen Lai-Seung ... Ah Ying
  Yim Chau-Wah ... Monkey
  Chu Siu-Ping ... Apple
  Yim Jan-Wa ... Kid
  Ti Keung ... King Kong
  Danny Chan Bak-Keung ... Chan Chi Keung
  On Ma-Lee    
  David Lam Tak-Luk    
  Cho Tim-Woh    
  Wong Yat-Fei ... Gas attendant
  Lau Hok-Nin    
  Chan Chik-Wai ... Detective
  Fung Fung (1) ... Owner of car stolen by Lo
  Chiu Ho-Tung ... Ah Yung
  Wong Wai-Sang (2)    
  Lo Wai-Yee (2)    
  Kong Chuen (4)    
  Chan Chi-Wing (1)    
  Tang Mei-Mei ... Nosy neighbor shot by Lo
  Lee Joh-Chi    
  Chan Fei-Lung (1) ... Rich man at petrol station
  Felix Lok Ying-Kwan ... Drunk at petrol station
  To Siu-Ming ... Taxi driver
  Luk Ying-Hong ... Police Sgt
  Yat Boon-Chai ... Policeman
  Stephen Shin Gei-Yin ... Editor Liang Fan
  Unknown SB-Actor (46)    
  Lee Wing-Sek    
Production Company
  Golden Harvest Productions
Assistant Director
  Jobic Wong Lai-Keung   Shu Kei
Script Supervisor
  Lo Po-Shan
  Cheung Yiu-Cho
  Huang Wei-Shing   Cheng Hui-Jan
Art Director
  Chin Sam   Mai Ho
Costume Designer
  Chu Sheng-Shi   Cho Tim-Woh
  Simon Chan Kok-Hong
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
  Ma Man-Chun
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Stanley Pong Kit   Ambrose Lo
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Kitty Yip Kit-Hing
Production Manager
  Audrey Lee Yuk-Lan
  A group of bored teenagers with more hormones and bravado than sense stop at a service station after a leaving a disco. In a fight resulting from their inability to pay, the staff on duty are killed by the group, which leads to a desperate night of cat and mouse with the police.