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奇門遁甲 (1982)
The Miracle Fighters
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Martial Arts  Fantasy  Mo Lai Tau (Nonsense Comedy) 
Release Date (HK): 07/23/1982
Box Office: HK $8,482,128
  Yuen Wo-Ping
  Peace Group
Martial Arts Directors
  Yuen Clan
  Yuen Wo-Ping
  Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung
  Yuen Shun-Yi
  Yuen Cheung-Yan
  Yuen Yat-Choh
  Chiu Chung-Hing
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Yuen Yat-Choh ... Shu Gut
  Leung Kar-Yan ... Old man
  Yuen Cheung-Yan ... Old woman
  Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung ... Child in urn/One of Sorcerer Bat's men
  Eddy Ko Hung ... Kao Hsiung / Ko Hung
  Yuen Shun-Yi ... Sorcerer Bat
  Huang Ha ... Rainmaker
  Tino Wong Cheung ... One of Sorcerer Bat's men
  Chu Kong ... Soldier
  Chiu Chung-Hing ... Contest participant
  Wong Wai-Fong ... Contest participant/Soldier
  Yuen Lung-Kui ... One of Sorcerer Bat's men
  Lam Moon-Wa ... Soldier
  Sham Chin-Bo ... Contest participant
  Lau Fong-Sai ... Contest participant
  Lung Ying (2) ... Contest participant
  Tony Tam Chun-To ... Contest participant
  Choi Chung-Wing ... Contest participant
  Cheng Wai-Ching ... Contest participant
  Yuen Shing-Chau ... Contest participant
Production Companies
  Paragon Films Ltd.
  Peace Film Production (H.K.) Co.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Chiu Lo-Kong   Hoh Tin-Shing   Fong Lee-Kwan
Script Supervisor
  Fong Lee-Kwan
  Ma Koon-Wah
  David Chow Wing-Kwong
Art Director
  Chin Sam
Costume Designer
  Chu Sheng-Shi
  Simon Chan Kwok-Hong
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
  Leung Wing-Yim
  Mai Ho
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Tang Siu-Lam   Avalon Music, Inc.
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Leonard Ho Koon-Cheung
Production Manager
  Jessica Chan Pui-Wah   Leung Wing-Yim
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  A loyal general stands in the way of a plot to set up the Regent's young son as Emperor. The general escapes with the boy. The boy soon dies and the general adopts a young orphan. Despite the intervention of two quarrelsome magicians, the plotters find and kill the general, capture his young charge, and force the boy to play the role of the Regent's dead son. He escapes and seeks refuge with the magicians who teach him their skills so that he may eventually return to the court, overthrow the conspirators and avenge the general's death. [Rim Films Catalog]