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禁果情花 (1986)
Searching for Love
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult 
Theatrical Run (HK): 01/23/1986 - 01/29/1986
Box Office: HK $1,911,069
  Yeung Chun-Bong
Poster image courtesy of hkra
  Maria Yuen Chi-Wai    
  Michael Tong Chun-Chung    
  David Lo Dai-Wai    
  Shum Wai    
  Tin Ching (1)    
  Si-Ma Yin (2)    
  Chiang Kam    
  Wai Lit    
  Yip Ha-Lei    
Filming Company
  Kam Bo Motion Picture Co.
  Bob Hamilton
Art Director
  Luk Gin-Ming
  Choi Tin Ying Ban
  A dastardly scam artist gets himself mixed up in a prostitution smuggling operation. Despite his better judgment, he continues mingling with the wrong side of the law because he doesn't want to be labeled a coward in front of the girl he is trying to woo. - [Review from Tai Seng Catalogue]