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湯鎮宗  ♂
Michael Tong Chun-Chung
Tang Cheng-Tsung
Born: October 30th, 1956 (Hong Kong)

Filmography (1982-2015)
  Actor (36 films)
    Coolie Killer (1982) ... Siu
    Bastard Swordsman (1983) ... Jin Sek
    New Tales of the Flying Fox (1984) ... Lord Fok Hong An
    The Siamese Twins (1984) ... Dr Albert Poon Chi Ching
    Behind the Yellow Line (1984) ... Ben
    Misfire (1984)    
    Pursuit of a Killer (1985) ... Ya Zong
    Twisted Love (1985) ... Sam
    Searching for Love (1986)    
    Champion Operation (1986)    
    Ghost's Lover (1987)    
    Underground Warfare (1989)    
    1992 Feng Chun Nu (1991)    
    Wolf of Revenge (1991)    
    Attention Lover (1992)    
    Ladies Killer (1992) ... Loh Chin Yeh
    My Pretty Companion (1992)    
    Midnight Lover (1992)    
    Fatal Rose (1993)    
    Ghost's Love (1993) ... Yung
    Sex for Sale (1993) ... Mr Tang
    Offence Storm (1993) ... King
    The Widow (1993)    
    Out Bound Killing (1994)    
    Net of Heaven Action (1994)    
    Possessed (1994)    
    Mystery of Blood (1994)    
    Underground Judgement (1994) ... Gold Eagle
    Fallen Couple (1995)    
    Three Little Tigers (1995)    
    The Great Jet Foil Robbery (1996)    
    There Is a Bed in Bragur (1998) ... Shi Longfei
    Shoot to Me (2007)    
    Red River Valley (2012)    
    The Assassins (2012)    
    Come Back, Love (2015) ... Yang Zhen-Bang
  The elder brother of star Ken Tang Jan-yip, Tang began his entertainment career in 1980 when he was admitted into the Actors Training Course of TVB and turned to movie industry later. His first film 'Coolie Killer', received critical notice as a ''Hong Kong New Wave'' production. From 1983 to 1985, Tang was under contract to Shaw Borhters and starred in six films, the most popular of which were 'The Siamese Twins' and 'Misfire'. In addition to movies, he made his mark in television sereis like 'Life After Life'. In the late 1980s, Tang became one of the first Hong Kong actors to enter the Mainland Chinese market, and throughout the 1990s and into the 21st century has been a constant presence in Chinese films and TV series. From the Celestial DVD info of 'Twisted Passion'.