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山埃加冰 (1990)
Weakness of Man
Alias: 偷情小丈夫
Alias: 串燒
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Dickson 
Genre: Black Comedy 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (Taipei): 03/10/1990
Theatrical Run (HK): 01/31/1991 - 02/08/1991
Box Office: HK $921,418
  Raymond Leung Pun-Hei
  Yue Faan
  Raymond Leung Pun-Hei
  Cecilia Yip Tung ... Chen Chin Sui
  Michael Miu Kiu-Wai ... Wong Li
  Carrie Ng Ka-Lai ... Baby
  Raymond Leung Pun-Hei ... Mo Mo
  Ronald Wong Ban ... Grocer boy
Production Company
  Seven mm. Film Production Co.
  D & B Film Distribution (Hong Kong)
  J&J Film Co. (Taiwan)
Executive Director
  Tam Lai-Yin
Assistant Director
  Danny Ko Moon-Wing
Script Supervisor
  Ankee Leung Chi-On
  Paul Chan Chung-Chau
  Lam Bing-Hon
Art Director
  Dora Chu Lai-Ha
  Yiu Wai-Ming
Assistant Costume Designer
  Rosa Chow Man-Kit
  Tsoi Siu-Chun
  Yiu Tin-Hung
Original Music
  Lowell Lo Koon-Ting
Music Editor
  Li Kwong-Tim
  Jeremy Cheung Kai-Ping   Jacky Tang Wai-Yuk
  Jeremy Cheung Kai-Ping
Film Coordinator
  Ricky Wong Ka-Kui
Production Manager
  Joanna To Yuen-Ha
Unit Manager
  Wong Kwong-Fat
Still Photographer
  Chan Wai-Kwong (3)   Ng Lik-Fong
Recording Studio
  Cinema City Recording Studio
  Wong Chok-Poon
Cantonese Dialogue
  Monica Tsang Hing-Kwok
Mandarin Dialogue
  Wong King-Ping
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Gam Sui is a naive and traditional wife whose sailor husband, Lik, is rarely home. Lik receives a letter from Sui with the wonderful news that she is pregnant. Lik is outraged, as he has just been told he is sterile. Lik first plans to secretly return home and kill Sui, then he suspects his best pal Mo Mo, so he decides to do them both in. To further complicate matters, an airheaded pregnant mainlander named Baby shows up and moves in. She claims Lik is her man. Lik's efforts to remain hidden and carry out his plans are frustrated by a local madman who follows him around. Questions arise. Could Mo Mo really be the father ? Though a dispirited cripple, Mo Mo has secretly been in love with Sui for over a decade and, given the turn of events, this could be the time to tell her.