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驚天12小時 (1991)
The Last Blood
UK re-title: Hard Boiled 2
Alias: Twelve Hours to Die
Alias: 驚天十二小時
Origin: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese  Japanese 
Circuit: Newport 
Genre: "Bullet Ballet" 
Theatrical Run (HK): 03/14/1991 - 03/29/1991
Box Office: HK $13,984,574
  Wong Jing
Action Director
  Blacky Ko Shou-Liang
  Eric Tsang Chi-Wai
  Wallace Cheung Kwok-Chung
  Alan Tam Wing-Lun ... Lui Tai
  Andy Lau Tak-Wah ... Bee
  Eric Tsang Chi-Wai ... Fatty
  Leung Kar-Yan ... Stone
  May Lo Mei-Mei ... May / Ling
  Nat Chan Pak-Cheung ... Dr Ferrari
  Jackson Lau Hok-Yin ... Saporo
  Chui Sau-Lai ... Ling
  Chin Ho ... KamaKura
  Law Shu-Kei ... Daka Lama
  Lau Kei (3)    
  Cheung Sze-Lai    
  Poon Yan    
  Hung Pui-Hing    
  Cheung Kam-Yuk    
  Yeung Yim-Ching    
  Yeung Wing-Cheung    
  Wong Kwun-Lung    
  Lam Hoi-Kwok    
  Cheng Chan-Seng    
  Lee Kam-Loi    
  Chu Kwan-Yeung ... Daka Lama's bodyguard in airport
  Hung Tung-Kim    
  Li Hai-Hsing ... Hitman
  Tong Man-Leung ... Hitman
  Unknown 90s Actor (6) ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Movie Impact Ltd
  Newport Films Distribution Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Benny Hoh Ging-Ban   Hung Tung-Kim
Script Supervisor
  Wong Mei-Fung
Director of Photography
  Jingle Ma Choh-Shing
2nd Unit Cinematographer
  David Choi Wa-Sing
  Tony Cheung Tung-Leung
Art Director
  Fang Ying
  Chan Sau-Lan
Hair Stylist
  Lau Lai-Wan
  Cheung Kwok-Kuen
Props Master
  Wan Fuk-Tai
  Kan Yiu-Wah   Wong Tung (3)   Ching Wai-Yi
  Tats Lau Yi-Tat   Patrick Lui Yau-Fai   Chu Hon-Tuen
  Du Chi-Cheng   Li Hai-Hsing   Tong Man-Kit (2)
  Chan Man-Fai (3)   Wong Sai-Goon   Tong Man-Leung
  Wallace Cheung Kwok-Chung
  Pad Lam Yan-Wai
Film Coordinator
  Pad Lam Yan-Wai
Production Manager
  Patricia Chong Lai-Chun   Yiu Yun-Chu   Patti Leung Lai-Yee
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Cinema City Recording Studio   108 Records Ltd., Co.   Cinefex Sound Studio Limited
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Who'd want to be Fatty ? This easygoing low-level hustler suddenly finds himself being chased by several bunches of people. He's the last person in the country with a rare blood type, which is needed to save the lives of two people critically injured. The injured are 1) The "Daka" Lama, on a peace visit, and on the Japanese Red Army's hit list 2) The girlfriend of a weak-stomached Triad. The JRA are trying to kill all the possible blood donors so that Daka will die. The Triad wants to get to Fatty first, so that his fiancee will get first go at the blood, and the two cops want to get the blood first to Daka.