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夢情人 (1993)
Hong Kong Eva
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: New Imperial 
Genres: Adult  Crime 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 01/08/1993 - 01/20/1993
Box Office: HK $1,030,929
  Jeng Kin-Ping
  Lau Siu-Kwan
  Lily Lee Lee-Lee ... Ann Li
  Ka Ling ... Connie
  Cecilia Yiu Ching-Ching ... Betty Li Shin Yu
  Lau Siu-Kwan ... Tong
  Ng Kin-Biu    
  Alan Ng Siu-Hung    
  Choi Jeong-Il ... Chi
  Lily Li Li-Li ... Tong's sister [cameo]
  Chan Chik-Wai    
  Ng Hong-Sang    
  Chow Wai-Gwong    
  Hung Chi-Sing ... Rascal
  Leung Kai-Chi ... Client
  Berg Ng Ting-Yip    
  Kawee Sirikhanerut    
  Ho Wing-Cheung ... Assassin
  Wan Seung-Lam ... Assassin
  Hung Fung ... Client
  Bill Tung Biu    
  Unknown 90s Actor (13) ... Client
  Alric Ma Siu-Mang ... Client
Filming Company
  Super Power Motion Picture Co.
  Golden City Film Distribution Limited (Hong Kong)
  Cheng Keung
  Gu Ming
  Ann and her sister Betty live with May and Connie, who all work in real estate. Connie succumbs to pressure to be very nice to male clients, so to increase sales. Connie is also nice to nasty gangster Frankie, who fancies anything that moves, but particularly, Ann and Betty. There's also ex-rascal Tong, trying to keep out of trouble for the sake of his young daughter Wai. Kind-hearted Ann is good friends with them. Tong has a pal just out of jail, Chi. May is bored with her boyfriend, and leaves for Europe with another guy. Frankie tries dirty tricks to snare first Ann then Betty, and he involves Connie in a blackmail scheme. This results in innocent people getting killed, and a gory gun battle for revenge, which leaves only one of the story's characters alive at the end. The sequel, Body Lover, starts in the same scene as the finish of HK Eva.