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和平飯店 (1995)
Peace Hotel
Alias: The Peace Hotel
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Empire 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 04/12/1995 - 05/22/1995
Box Office: HK $24,829,983
  Wai Ka-Fai
  Wai Ka-Fai
Action Director
  Yuen Bun
  John Woo
  Chow Yun-Fat ... Wong A Ping / Killer
  Cecilia Yip Tung ... Shau Siu Man / Lam Ling
  Chin Ho ... Ting Moon
  Lau Shun ... Blind musician
  Annabelle Lau Hiu-Tung ... Skinny
  Lo Fan ... Bitch
  Mai Kei ... Blind musician
  Joe Cheng Cho ... Grand Hall bandit
  Jacklyn Wu Chien-Lien ... Killer's wife
  Lee Siu-Kay ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Victor Hon Kwan ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Nam Yin ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Terrence Fok Shui-Wa ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Rankie Fung Gwok-Fai    
  Sung Boon-Chung ... Young Ting Moon
  Gary Mak Wing-Lun ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Yim Gong-Ming ... Grand Hall bandit
  Patrick Hon Jun ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Heung Dip ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Yip Chi-Hung ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Lam Wei-Hau    
  Four Tse Liu-Shut ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Yu Ngai-Ho ... Blind musician
  Chan Hing-Hang ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Tang Cheung ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Yeung Wo ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Cheung Yuk-Wah ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Cho Sai ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Bobby Yip ... Grand Hall bandit
  Law Wai-Kai ... Guest of Peace Hotel
  Leung Kei-Hei ... Grand Hall bandit
  So Wai-Nam ... Grand Hall bandit
  Lam Kwok-Kit ... Grand Hall bandit
  Lui Siu-Ming ... Grand Hall bandit
  Kong Fu-Keung ... Grand Hall bandit
  Lee Tat-Chiu ... Grand Hall bandit
  Tsim Siu-Ling ... Grand Hall bandit
  Choi Kwok-Ping ... Grand Hall bandit
  Lung Ying (2) ... Grand Hall bandit
  Lau Tung-Ching ... Grand Hall bandit
Production Company
  Cassia Hill Production Ltd.
  Golden Princess Film Production Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Lily Yip Chiu-Yee   Lo Kim-Wah   Ng Sing-Yi
  Chow Yun-Fat   Wai Ka-Fai
Script Supervisor
  Hon Jan-Kin
Director of Photography
  Horace Wong Wing-Hang
Focus Puller
  Yuen Chun-Wah
  Chik Kim-Kit
Best Boy
  Wong Yiu-Keung (2)
Art Director
  Kenneth Yee Chung-Man   Alfred Yau Wai-Ming
Assistant Art Director
  Chan Leung-Shun   Lo Kwok-Wing
Costume Designer
  Dora Ng Lei-Lo
Assistant Costume Designer
  Rosa Chow Man-Kit
  Man Yun-Mei
  Man Yun-Ling
Hair Stylist
  Kennedy Lau Kam-Hung   Tsang Yat-Ping
  Tony Chow Kwok-Chung   Chan Ki-Hop
  Tam Wing-Cheong   Props Co., Ltd.
  Cacine Wong Ka-Sin   Healthy Poon Kin-Hong
Martial Arts Director
  Ma Yuk-Sing
  Woo Ping (3)
Production Manager
  Well Chin Wing-Wai
Associate Production Manager
  Sam Hui Chi-Ho   Tasman Chang Shiu-Ting
Assistant Production Manager
  Ng Lai-Ling
Unit Manager
  Lo Sin-Chung
Set Runner
  Law Wai-Tat   Ng Kwok-Gan
Still Photographer
  Piggy Chan Kam-Chuen
Tea Lady
  Ka Po (2)
Recording Studio
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
  Ronny Ching Siu-Lung
Cantonese Dubbing Coach
  Ding Yue
Mandarin Dubbing Coach
  Doris Dubbing Production Co.
  Cinerent Limited
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.
  Fine Art Production Co.
  Chow Yun-Fat plays a reformed killer who decides to leave his past behind and become the caretaker for the "Peace Hotel". Having grown up in a violent environment and led a crime-ridden past, the death of his girlfriend leads "the Killer" (Chow) to go on a murderous rampage and slaughter everyone in his gang, except for one boy who he spares at the last moment. Having a sort of epiphany, the Killer takes over the site of the slaughter, and transforms it into a safe haven for refugees on the run from bandits or gangsters. It is named the Peace Hotel, and the Killer's fierce reputation protects the tenants. When a woman (Cecilia Yip) shows up and claims to be his long-lost love, he becomes suspicious, eventually discovering that she is on the run from a gang whose leader she killed. Although she is a liar and a master manipulator, his pledge to protect the hotel's residents comes to a head when the gang shows up to kill her. When she realizes the pain she has caused, she is determined to meet her fate, but the Killer's moral tug-of-war forces him to protect her and take on the entire gang... with disastrous results.