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Doris Dubbing Production Co.

Doris Dubbing Production Company
Ka Yim's Studio
Mandarin Dialogue Coach
  Drunken Master III (1994)
  Peace Hotel (1995)
  Hot War (1998)
Mandarin Dialogue
  The Incorruptible (1993)
  Love Among the Triad (1993)
  Lover of the Swindler (1993)
  He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father! (1993)
  King of the Sea (1994)
  Burning Paradise (1994)
  Crossings (1994)
  Don't Give a Damn (1995)
  My Father Is a Hero (1995)
  Wind Beneath the Wings (1995)
  Fox Hunter (1995)
  Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996)
  The Scripture with No Words (1996)
  Mahjong Dragon (1997)
  Black Rose II (1997)
  Gorgeous (1999)
Mandarin Dubbing
  Full Contact (1992)
  Shanghai Heroic Story (1992)
  Always Be the Winners (1994)
  The Final Option (1994)
  Wonder Seven (1994)
  Lantern (1994)
  The Sichuan Concubines (1994)