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獨霸天下 (1978)
The Swift Shaolin Boxer
Alias: Invincible
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Chen Hung-Min
  Wu Yueh-Ling
Martial Arts Director
  Chen Shih-Wei (1)
  Jimmy Shaw Feng
  Wei Tzu-Yun ... Ho Kun
  Angela Mao Ying ... Miss Long
  Chia Ling ... [Cameo]
  Lo Lieh ... Chief Lee
  Wang Kuan-Hsiung ... Emerald Headband
  Shih Chung-Tien ... Hwa Tin Yen
  Fang Fang (1) ... Fai Niu Feng
  Ting Wa-Chung ... Ho's protector
  Hsieh Hsing (1) ... Famed double Spear Fighter
  Weng Hsiao-Hu ... Fighter on Sword-Bridge
  Tsao Chien ... Lord Ho
  Chang Feng (1) ... Old Fisherman [cameo]
  Ko Hsiang-Ting ... Wise gambler
  Ma Chiang ... Gambler who picks a fight
  Cheung Yee-Boon    
  Yu Sung-Chao ... Thug
  Liu Shan (1) ... Waitress at Teahouse
  Han Su ... Undertaker
  Ching Kuo-Chung ... Drunk, rude customer
  Ho Wei-Hsiung ... [Uncredited]
  Chin Lung (1) ... Staff fighter in contest
  Cheng Fu-Hung ... Red Giant in contest
  Min Min ... Bearded gambler [uncredited]
  Chen Shih-Wei (1) ... Fighter
  Chang Shu-Lin (1) ... Chief Lee's man
  Li Hsiao-Ming ... [Extra]
  Lui Wan-Biu ... [Extra]
  Wong Shui-Cheung
  Ng Hung-Tin
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung
  Cheung Man-Yiu
Production Manager
  Shang Chih-Ke
  An imperial agent arrives in town, stays at an inn, and is soon killed. Another agent arrives, stays in the same room, and is also killed. Agent Ho Kun passes the five tests needed to qualify for the same mission, and goes to the town, and stays at the same inn in the same room. He finds local contacts working fo the bad guys, but then things start to get complicated.