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屍蠱艷譚 (1993)
Black Magic
Possible Alt title: Erotic Deadly Witchery
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Adult  Ghost 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Law Kei
  Law Kei
  Lau Chung-Chuen
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Master Jade
  Tsui Man-Wah ... Ran
  Ku Feng ... General Lee
  Yuan Shen    
  Choi Jeong-Il ... White Beard Taoist
  Eva Lai Yin-Shan ... Cher
  Wang Meng-Li    
  Ma Tin    
  Hsu Wen-Huai ... Bald servant
  Hsieh Wan-Yi ... Taoist
  Hung Fung ... Restaurant manager
  Chang Chung-Yu ... Rapist
  Li Kuan-Ting ... Thug
  Huang Cheng-Lin ... Thug
  Mei Ah Laser Disc Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  Jintana Ferreira
  Warning : Being married to young Master Jade can seriously shorten your lifespan ! Jade seems happily married to Ran, the daughter of General Lee. Then he starts having nightmares about being harrassed by hopping corpses, and begins to have psychotic episodes. During one of these attacks, he gets mad at Ran, accuses her of fooling around with her cousin, then kills her. But death doesn't stop her, and her ghost returns to chat with and annoy him. Jade is sent away in disgrace, and stays with the General's good friend (not named), who has two lovely daughters, Chin and Cher, who were Jade's childhood playmates. Despite being great friends of Ran's, Cher succumbs to Jade's charms and they prepare to marry. But Cher dies a violent and fitful death just before the wedding. The general and his friend fear public humiliation, so the wedding goes ahead, but with Chin standing in for Cher, her face veiled. Jade discovers the deception on the wedding night, as he undresses .... Chin. To increase the confusion, Cher's ghost pays them a visit, and wants to stick around and watch them make love, to be sure her ex-husband is happy. But, you guessed it, Chin doesn't last long either, being killed by Jade during another attack. The Taoist priests are called in, and they paint Jade with weird symbols, put him in a cage and chant. The ghosts of his ex-wives circle around him and call him darling. The evil spirits, who are the souls of the people killed by the General and, for some unexplained reason, pick on Jade instead, are eventually expelled, but more people die before this happens.