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職業情人 (1997)
Time Lover
Origin: Taiwan
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Cheung Hoi (2)
  Tang Yi-Hui    
  Lai Hui-Yu    
  Shen Ting    
  Chu Ben-Ke ... Big bald rapist
  Cheung Ching-Yung    
  Cheung Yat-Git    
  Pang Siu-Yung    
  Chang Chung-Kui    
  Huang Chenglin ... Main villain
  Rossi Luo Ai-Lun    
  New Sea City Film Co. (Hong Kong)
Executive Producer
  Chan Shiu-On
Filming Location
  Ultra-cheap porn. No subtitles, shot on video. This video does not have an English title. "Professional Lover" is a translation. Pretty married woman encounters big bald man, who tricks her into being raped. Married woman goes home, not telling her husband, who is connected to a gang of thugs, headed by a dark-skinned man with a large moustache. Husband's goons rape big bald man's daughter, while husband obtains a new (younger) lover. Big bald man comes home, finds his daughter distraught, and he rapes her as well. Gang boss's orders cause the married woman and bald man's daughter together - they discuss how to avenge behaviour of bald man and husband.