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老虎煞星 (1973)
End of the Wicked Tigers
Alias: 猛虎鬥肥龍
Alias: End of Wicked Tiger
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Law Kei
  Sze-To On
  Lui Ming
Martial Arts Directors
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
  Chan Chuen
  Lui Ming
  Charles Heung Wah-Keung ... Ma San
  Lee Ka-Ting ... Captain Ling
  Han Ying-Chieh ... Boss Chang/Wicked Tiger
  Wilson Tong Wai-Shing ... Chang Hsiao-Hu
  Eddy Ko Hung ... Ma Wing
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo ... Lau
  Chen Feng-Chen ... Thug
  Rainbow Ching Ho-Wai ... Chau Lan
  Anthony Chen Chiang    
  Chan Chuen ... Villager
  Billy Chan Wui-Ngai ... Thug
  Lam Ching-Ying ... Villager
  Hsu Hsia ... Thug
  Cheng Siu-Ping ... Villager
  Tsui Siu-Ming ... Policeman
  Wong Hak ... Villager
  Gam Lau ... Villager
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Pig farmer
  Chu Yau-Ko ... Pig farmer
  Yeung Sai-Gwan ... Thug
  Mang Ding-Goh ... Villager
  Peter Chan Lung ... Thug
  Tang Tak-Cheung ... Thug
  King Lee King-Chu    
  Chui Fat ... Thug
  Chui Chung-Hok ... Villager
  Choi Lai-Ching    
  Tam Bo ... Thug
  Hoh Wan ... Villager
  Chu Pui-Ying    
  Cheung Chi-Ping ... Thug
  Chan Ming-Wai ... Policeman
Production Company
  Lui Ming (International) Film Enterprises
Assistant Director
  Law Lam
  Wang Ti
  Sek Fat
  Kan Yuk-Ping
  Lee Ping-Nam
  Siu Nam
  Poon Tai-Foo
Sound Recordist
  Chang Hua
  Eddie H. Wang Chi-Ren
Martial Arts Consultant
  Han Ying-Chieh
  Shen Yu-Fang
Production Manager
  Kong Man
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Righteous Captain Ling has come to town to wipe out crime, which is sure to bring up against Wicked Tiger's gang. A couple of murders occur and, initially, the investigation proves fruitless. This is mainly because the main witness, Ma San, is convinced by his brother to keep quiet. But events force him to reconsider.