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大明英烈 (1975)
Heroes in the Late Ming Dynasty
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Wu Min-Hsiung
Martial Arts Director
  Han Ying-Chieh
  Chow Ling-Gong
  Tien Peng ... Colonel Wu Chang-Chun
  Polly Shang-Kuan Ling-Feng ... Shung Chen-Ying
  Pai Ying (2) ... General Shung Ting-Pi
  Carter Huang Chia-Ta ... Emperor
  Tien Ho ... Provost Marshal
  Wei Tzu-Yun ... Yang Chun-Hao
  Han Ying-Chieh ... Imperial Deputy Commander
  Kwan Hung ... Col. Pai
  Wei Ping-Ao ... Wang Shun
  Shan Mao ... King's emissary, general Han
  Yuan Shen ... Judge
  Li Ying (8) ... Judge
  Wang Hung-Chang ... Judge
  Chang Wei ... Judge
  Yang Lieh ... Judge
  Ou Li-Bao ... Waiter
  Hu Han-Chang ... Waiter
  Ma Chun ... Extra
  Lin Wang-Nan ... Sack porter/Spy
  Su Kuo-Liang ... Thug
  Wu Kuan ... Restaurant manager
  Chang Shulin ... Shung Ting-Pi's man
  Tie Tou ... Extra
  Chou Tai-Sheng ... Thug
Production Company
  Da Chin Films Co., Ltd.
  Chiu Yao-Hu
  Lam Shu-Yuen
Production Manager
  Shuai Yue-Feng
Filming Location
  The year is 1366. The emperor makes a deal with a neighbouring Manchu emperor, leading to a plot to frame patriotic General Shung in a court martial. Shung believes he will receive a fair trial and goes along willingly. But some of his supporters are not so trusting, and they shadow him on his journey to the palace. Someone later says "I just don't think this is as simple as you make out". How true. The plotting becomes intricate.