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邱耀湖  ♂
Chiu Yao-Hu
Yau Yiu-Woo,  Chiou Yao-Xu,  Chiou Yao-Hwu,  Yau Yue-Woo,  Chiu Yoa-Hu

Filmography (1969-1982)
  Cinematographer (25 films)
    Black Invitation (1969)    
    The Bravest Revenge (1970)    
    The Grand Passion (1970)    
    Prosperous of Family (1970)    
    The Ghostly Face (1971)    
    The Fly Dragon Mountain (1971)    
    The Brave and the Evil (1971)    
    The Ghost Hill (1971)    
    The Story of Daisy (1972)    
    White Butterfly Killer (1973)    
    Beach of the War Gods (1973)    
    The Black Friday (1973)    
    The Windows of the Mind (1974)    
    Four Real Friends (1974)    
    The Chinese Amazons (1975)    
    Heroes in the Late Ming Dynasty (1975)    
    A Cookbook of Birth Control (1975)    
    One-armed Boxer vs. the Flying Guillotine (1976)    
    Return of the Tiger (1977)    
    Return of the Chinese Boxer (1977)    
    Everywhere Birds Are Singing (1978)    
    The Legend of Broken Sword (1979)    
    The Imperial Sword Killing the Devil (1981)    
    Take the Rap (1981)    
    The Jade Dagger (1982)    
  Focus Puller (1 film)
    A Touch of Zen (1971)