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邪儈 (1994)
Satyr Monks
Alias: Satyr Monk
VideoAsia DVD Title: Satyre Monks
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Sek Bing-Chan (1)
  Law Kei (1)
Martial Arts Director
  Wong Mau-Chow
  Wang Qun (1) ... Chun Kai [Magic Legs footage]
  Poon Tak-Chuen ... Yellow Robe Monk
  Si Ching-Ching    
  Takajo Fujimi ... Wai Nee
  Leung Seung-Wan (2)    
  Su Kuo-Liang    
  Huang Kuan-Hsiung    
  Li Kuan-Ting    
  Zhong Xiao-Zhen ... Zhu Hui-Ni [Magic Legs footage]
  Wang Chi (1) ... Wu Chun-Kai [Magic Legs footage]
  Li Guang (4) ... Master Zhu [Magic Legs footage]
Assistant Director
  Chan Ling-Chi
  Chan Chung-Yuen
  Cheng Wing-Keung
Sound Recordist
  Lam Kong-Man
  Ma Oi-Lin
Production Manager
  Poon Chi-Sam
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Righteous Chung Hoi and his father fight to stop a group of evil monks who practice the Steel Palm and kidnap young girls for immoral purposes. Father is killed by the monk leader using Steel Palm. The only move capable to defeating the monks is Double Kick, so Chung Hoi sets about to find a teacher.