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權一銖  ♂
Kwon Il-Soo

Treasure Castle (1971)

Returned Single-Legged Man (1974)

Kill the Shogun (1975)

Secret Agent (1976)

The Best Disciple (1976)

Tigresses (1977)

Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1978)
Ching Thug
Fury of Dragon (1978)
Resized slim pic from Bruce castpage
The Divine Martial Arts of Dharma (1978)

Twelve Gates to Hell (1980)
resized slim pic from Bruce Castpage
Duel of the Tough (1981)
Forced to take letter to Wong Kin Chung
The Drunken Monk (1981)

Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws (1981)

Hard Bastard (1981)

Secret Executioners (1982)

Dreadnaught Rivals (1982)
Kuen Yat-Chu
Postman Strikes Back (1982)