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何平  ♂
He Ping
Hoh Ping,  Ho Ping
Born: 1957 (Taiwan)

Filmography (1986-2016)
  Actor (2 films)
    Big Shot's Funeral (2001)    
    Beginning of the Great Revival (2011) ... He Shuheng
  Director (7 films)
    Kawashima Yoshiko (1989)    
    Swordsman in Double Flag Town (1991)    
    Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker (1994)    
    Sun Valley (1995)    
    Warriors of Heaven and Earth (2003)    
    Wheat (2009)    
    The Promised Land (2015)    
  Writer (5 films)
    Swordsman in Double Flag Town (1991)    
    Rhapsody of Spring (1998)    
    Warriors of Heaven and Earth (2003)    
    Wheat (2009)    
    The Promised Land (2015)    
  Producer (6 films)
    Big Shot's Funeral (2001)    
    Cell Phone (2003)    
    The Mountain Patrol (2004)    
    Wheat (2009)    
    Lost in Dark (2013)    
    Lover Run (2013)    
  Assistant Director (1 film)
    The Grave Robbers Part 1 (1986)    
  Editor (1 film)
    The Promised Land (2015)    
  Executive Producer (1 film)
    A Time to Love (2005)    
  Associate Producer (1 film)
    Love for Life (2011)    
  Production Manager (2 films)
    The Promised Land (2015)    
    Sea Pig (2016)    
  He Ping has with only a handful of films established himself not only as one of the leading directors in mainland China but also as a pioneer of an exciting new genre, the "Chinese Western." With his award-winning films Swordsman in Double Flag Town and Sun Valley, He Ping has put his very recognizable stamp on the remarkable world of recent Chinese film. Variety said of Swordsman in Double Flag Town: "There's never been a film quite like China's first western, where 'The Long Riders' meets 'Chariots Of Fire'...The 'Swordsman In Double-Flag Town' is a terrific action/romance western..." Of Sun Valley, the publication noted, "Aficionados of the American Western should get a kick out of 'Sun Valley,' a psychological noodle oater that makes the wilds of China's Gansu province look as familiar as Wyoming." He Ping is best known in the Chinese film world for these films which take place in China's vast and sparsely populated western provinces �C regions where for centuries the cultures of China and central Asia have met and mingled. But he also showed his range by garnering worldwide acclaim for the 1994 period domestic drama Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker.