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青山  ♂
Ching San
Ching Shan
Born: 1945 (China)

Filmography (1968-1984)
  Actor (20 films)
    The Brain-Stealers (1968) ... Da Chuan
    The Three Lucky Men (1969)    
    The King of Song (1970) ... Little Trumpeteer
    Rebirth of Love (1970)    
    Romantic & Pretty Cousins (1970)    
    The Lucky Trio Are Here Again (1970)    
    Young Lovers (1970)    
    Don't Let the Wives Know! (1970)    
    The Infatuated Persons (1970)    
    The King and Queen (1970)    
    My Love, My Wife (1970)    
    The Ungrateful One (1970)    
    Happiness and Joy (1971)    
    Five Plus Five (1971)    
    I Want to Sing (1971) ... Himself
    The Kiteflying Bride (1971)    
    Legends of Cheating (1971) ... Narrator
    My Wife, My Lover & My Maid (1973)    
    Back Alley Princess (1973) ... Shoeshine victim [Guest]
    Pledge in Quick Sand (1984)    
  Ching San's dulcet vocals made him a hit in the 1970s and he was bestowed the title of "Taiwan's King of Songs". The singer, who debuted in 1968, released more than 50 albums that included classics such as Flower Of Tears, Adorable Life and Seeking The Gardens Of Dream.