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布萊德利詹姆斯艾倫  ♂
Bradley James Allan
Brad Allan
Born: February 14th, 1972 (Australia) - Died: August 7th, 2021

Filmography (1994-2003)
  Actor (10 films)
    Drunken Master III (1994) ... Bus passenger
    Mr. Nice Guy (1997) ... Giancarlo's man
    Who Am I? (1998) ... [Extra]
    Hot War (1998) ... Alien's thug/Virtual drill extra
    Jackie Chan - My Stunts (1999) ... Himself
    Gorgeous (1999) ... Alan
    Gen-X Cops (1999) ... Akatora's thug
    The Accidental Spy (2001) ... Mr Zen's bodyguard
    Shanghai Knights (2003)    
    The Medallion (2003)    
  Action Choreographer (1 film)
    Shanghai Knights (2003)    
  Assistant Martial Arts Director (1 film)
    The Accidental Spy (2001)    
  Martial Art Group (1 film)
    Who Am I? (1998)    
  Stunts (1 film)
    The Medallion (2003)    
  An Australian Wushu Expert, Brad Allan is the only non-Chinese member of the Jackie Chan Stuntman Club. He appeared in Mr. Nice Guy, doubled for Ron Smoorenburg in Who Am I? and was the main villain in the film Gorgeous.

He has worked with Vin Diesel on "The Chronicles of Riddick" and "The Pacifier". He was action director of comic book adaptations "Hellboy II: The Golden Army", "Kick-Ass", and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World".