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郭金  ♀
Kwok Kam
Guo Jin,  Sophia Guo
Born: July 1st, 1977 (China)

Filmography (1992-2016)
  Actor (10 films)
    Pizza Lover (1992)    
    Painting with Human Skin (1999) ... Gu Qian
    Temptation of an Angel (1999) ... Emily
    Flaming Romance 1925 (2001)    
    The Story of David (2009)    
    Deadly Will (2011) ... Big Sister Hibiscus/Furong
    Chase Our Love (2011) ... Sister Jin
    Case Sensitive (2011)    
    Alive with Love (2014)    
    Mountain Cry (2016)    
  Born in Harbin. Admitted in 1990, to Beijing Broadcasting Institute. Came to Hong Kong in 1994 under a mainland recruiting program by TVB. 1997, runner-up in Miss Asia pageant (losing to Belinda Hamnett), but she won Most Photogenic.