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Ng Gei-Man
Ng Kei-Man
Filmography (1947-1962)
  Writer (13 films)
    Never Too Late to Come Home (1947)    
    Three Cheers for My Wife (1948)    
    The Miserable Sisters (1949)    
    Xishi - The Ancient Beauty (1949)    
    Love Ended by the Blue Bridge (1950)    
    The Blood Bee (1950)    
    Kaleidoscope (1950)    
    A Young Lady Sells Her Maid (1951)    
    Green Window, Red Tears (1952)    
    Seventh Fairy's Rendez-Vous with the Buffalo-Boy (1952)    
    Red and White Peonies (1952)    
    Never Promise Anything (1953)    
    The Scholar and the Woman Ghost (1962)