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夏光莉  ♀
Ha Kwong-Li
Hsia Kwan-Li,  Shar Kung-Li,  Shiah Guang-Lih ,  Hsia Kuang-Li
Born: December 13th, 1958 (Taiwan)

Filmography (1977-1992)
  Actor (16 films)
    The Chivalry, the Gunman and Killer (1977) ... Jin Mei-Fung
    Shaolin Invincible Sticks (1978) ... Yu Yu
    Secret Message (1979)    
    The Butterfly Murders (1979) ... No 10, Red Flag squad leader
    The Invincible Kung Fu Legs (1980) ... Phoenix
    The Woman Avenger (1980) ... Lo Ling Chi
    The Country of Beauties (1981) ... Hau Yi (Chau Yi)
    Looking for Money (1981)    
    Lady Piranha (1982)    
    Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983) ... Ji Wu Shuang/Chi Wu Chuang
    The Pier (1983) ... [Deleted footage]
    Mob Busters (1985)    
    Pink Trap (1985)    
    Revenging Ghost (1988)    
    I Revenge for My Son (1989) ... Lady Policewoman
    Lady Killer (1992)    
  Taiwan-born actress Ha Kwong-Li was discovered by director Lee Tso-Nam. At a young age she was enrolled in the Liu Kwang Opera Troupe and her tall slender figure was an asset to her kicking which became her trade mark in the films she appeared in. Besides working in movies Ha Kwong-Li was also occasionally working on television in Taiwan.