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李藝民  ♂
Li Yi-Min
Simon Lee,  Lee Ngai-Man,  Lee Yi-Min,  Li Yi-Min,  James Lee,  Lee Gong,  Li I-Min,  Li Yi-Man,  Simor Lee,  Lee Siu-Tung,  Lee I-Min,  Li Yi-Ming,  Li Kang,  Xiao San
Born: December 30th, 1951 (Taiwan)

Filmography (1969-1989)
  Actor (46 films)
    Girl Robin Hood (1969)    
    13 Worms (1970) ... Young acrobat hero
    Struggle for a Vengeance (1971) ... Chi Hsiao-Tsu
    Rider of Revenge (1971) ... [Extra]
    Woman Guerilla with Two Guns (1971)    
    Blood and Guts (1971) ... Thug [extra]
    The Scholar Swordsman (1971) ... Hsiao Jin-Gang
    The Patriotic Heroine (1971)    
    The Hero (1971) ... Fang Li
    The Champion of Champions (1971) ... Yen Li
    The Dragon Brother (1973)    
    The Angry Hero (1973)    
    The Honey-Moon Killer (1973)    
    Dare You Touch Me (1974)    
    Fierce Among Strong (1975)    
    The Iron Panther (1975)    
    The Super Riders V3 (1975) ... Tang Zhi-Wei (S.R. #2)
    The Five of Super Rider (1976) ... [Footage from The Super Rider V3]
    7-Man Army (1976) ... Private Pan Bing Lin
    The Super Rider (1976) ... Tang Zhi-Wei (S.R. #2)
    Shaolin Temple (1976) ... Huang Song Han
    The 7 Grandmasters (1977) ... Hsia Hsiao-Ying
    Magnificent Wanderers (1977) ... Guan Fei
    The Brave Archer (1977) ... Yang Kang
    The Call-Girls (1977) ... (only in interview)
    Kaleidoscope (1977)    
    Kung Fu Attraction (1978) ... Chi Bun
    Crazy Guy with Super Kung Fu (1978)    
    Shaolin Iron Claws (1978) ... Ping Lung
    The Brave Archer Part II (1978) ... Yang Kang
    Manhunt (1978) ... General Lau
    The Seven Commandments of Kung Fu (1979) ... Hsiao Peng
    The Secret Shaolin Kung-Fu (1979) ... Wu Han Wei
    The Mystery of Chess Boxing (1979) ... Ah Pao
    Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist (1979) ... Hsiao Hu
    Life Gamble (1979) ... Master Nan
    Mission Kiss and Kill (1979) ... Constable Lu Ta-Wah
    World of the Drunken Master (1979) ... Young Beggar Su
    Bruce Le's Greatest Revenge (1979) ... Ho student [Guest]
    Roving Heroes (1980) ... Ah Chai
    Heaven and Hell (1980) ... Heaven chief guard Xin Ling/Taxi driver
    Raiders (1982)    
    Ninja The Final Duel (1986) ... Wai Kwong
    The Iron Man & Wild Woman (1988)    
    Ghost School (1988)    
    Spring Game (1989)    
  Producer (1 film)
    The Secret Shaolin Kung-Fu (1979)    
  Martial Arts Director (1 film)
    The Patriotic Heroine (1971)    
  Presenter (1 film)
    The Seven Commandments of Kung Fu (1979)    
  Son of Li Tung-Chun.

Older brother of Li Long-Yin. Also known as Xiao San (Little 3).

Li Yi-Min attended the Lu Kwan Peking Opera school. He was classmates with actors like Jack Long and Robert Tai. There he learned the skills that he'd need to become an actor. He joined Shaw Brothers in the 70s. He appeared in the film Seven Man Army (1976) and is considered to be one of Chang Cheh's fourth generation disciples. Later, he eventually returned to Taiwan to make more films there.