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Chow Kit-Wan
Chow Kit-Wan
Filmography (1947-1953)
  Actor (11 films)
    One-Eye Dragon, the Strange Hero (1947)    
    Revenge of the Evil Girl (1948)    
    Adventures of Gan Fengchi and Fourth Madam Lu (1950) ... Fourth Miss Lu
    Two Swordsmen from Emei Mountain (1950)    
    Plenty of Sons, Plenty of Wealth (1951)    
    Fang Shiyu's Three Ventures into the Lane of Wooden Robots (1951)    
    Five Great Heroes from Shaolin (1951)    
    The Breaching of Black Wind Stockade (1952)    
    Pearly Tears (1952) ... Ah Ho
    Private Lives of Opera and Movie Stars (1952)    
    Bird in the Sunset (1953) ... Mung