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吳協和  ♂
Hendrick Gozali
H. Gozali,  Ng Hip-Wo,  Chow Hiap-Hou,  Wu Xie-Huo,  Gouw Hiap-Hoo,  Wu Xiehe
Born: November 28th, 1939 (Indonesia)

Filmography (1972-1979)
  Producer (36 films)
    The Peeper, the Model and the Hypnotist (1972)    
    The Notorious Ones (1972)    
    Jenny and Her Step-Mother (1972)    
    The Money-Tree (1973)    
    The Black Belt (1973)    
    Too Young (1974)    
    Tenants of Talkative Street (1974)    
    The Adventurous Air-Steward (1974)    
    The Country Bumpkin-in Style (1974)    
    The Devil in Her (1974)    
    Pretty Swindler (1975)    
    The Stupid Sailor, Ah Fook (1975)    
    Kissed by the Wolves (1975)    
    Maids-in-Waiting (1975)    
    Don't Call Me Uncle (1975)    
    Bald-Headed Betty (1975)    
    The Winner Takes All (1975)    
    Fertility Bank (1975)    
    Enjoy Longevity-300 Years (1975)    
    The Big Family (1976)    
    The Drug Queen (1976)    
    What to Do Without Love (1976)    
    The Reincarnation (1976)    
    Massage Girls (1976)    
    The Prodigal Son (1976)    
    The Hunter, the Butterfly and the Crocodile (1976)    
    Hot Blood (1977)    
    Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin (1977)    
    Two in Black Belt (1978)    
    Their Private Lives (1978)    
    Kung Fu Means Fists, Strikes and Swords (1978)    
    Miss "O" (1978)    
    Storming Attacks (1978)    
    The Smart Guys (1978)    
    Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat (1978)    
    Short Cuts (1979)    
  Presenter (2 films)
    The Saviour Monk (1975)    
    The Best of Shaolin Kung Fu (1976)    
  Elder brother is Alex Gouw. Born in Jakarta.