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丁國勝  ♂
Ting Kuo-Sheng
Ting Gwok-Sing,  Ding Guo-Sheng,  Ting Kwok-Sing

Filmography (1974-1988)
  Actor (40 films)
    The Great Chinese Boxer (1974)    
    Sergeant Hsiung (1974)    
    The House of Love (1974)    
    Hot Wave (1975)    
    Heroine (1975)    
    The Legend of Mother Goddess (1975)    
    The Chinese Amazons (1975)    
    Can Deng You Hun San Geng Tian (1977)    
    The Super Love (1977) ... Hsaolung
    Triumph of Two Kung Fu Arts (1977)    
    Heroes of the Eastern Skies (1977)    
    My Life's on a Line (1978)    
    Memory of the Melody at An-Ping (1978)    
    He Never Gives Up (1979)    
    The Crane Fighter (1979) ... Matchmaking candidate
    A Hero's Tears (1979)    
    Good Morning, Taipei (1979)    
    Horror Inn (1979)    
    Fighting Ace (1979)    
    The Story of a Small Town (1979)    
    Love in Chilly Spring (1979) ... beaten-up worker
    To You with Love (1980)    
    Pathetic Heart (1980)    
    Feng Kuang Da Zhui Qiu (1980)    
    A Girl Who Comes from the Country (1980)    
    Take the Rap (1981)    
    Devil Killer (1981)    
    So Help Me the God (1981)    
    The Desperate Prodigal (1981)    
    Happy Days in the Army (1982)    
    One Stripe Two Stars (1982)    
    The Deadly Angels (1982)    
    The Tycoon (1982)    
    A Flower in the Storm (1982)    
    Jia Cuo Lao Gong Shang Cuo Chuang (1986)    
    Echo of Sea (1986)    
    My Beloved King (1987)    
    Yi Zhi Feng Huang Liang Zhi Ji (1988)    
    Jin Se Lang Hua (1988)    
    Lian Wu Cheng Shu Shi (1988)    
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Hua Yue Zheng Chun Feng Da Jie Ju (1987)