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封君平  ♀
Feng Chun-Ping
Fu Chun-Ping,  Fung Chun-Ping

Filmography (1967-1980)
  Actor (12 films)
    One-Armed Guest (1967)    
    Swallow Knighthood (1968)    
    The Trios of the Peach Garden (1968)    
    Three Swordsmen and the Dragon Door (1968)    
    Sword in the Wilderness (1969)    
    Heroic Sword (1969)    
    Golden-Headed Eagle (1970)    
    Kings of Blade and Sword (1970)    
    Where's the Swallow Way (1974)    
    The Super Kung-Fu Fighter (1978)    
    A Sword Shot at the Sun (1979)    
    The Young Moon Legend (1980) ... Woman in blue dress