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李潔如  ♀
Li Chieh-Ju
Lee Kit-Yu,  Li Jie-Ru
Birthplace: Taiwan

Filmography (1970-1976)
  Actor (12 films)
    God and I (1970)    
    Flying over Grass (1970)    
    Struggle for a Vengeance (1971) ... Prostitute Hsiao Yin-Tzu
    The True and the False Wife (1971)    
    I Will Always Be with You (1971)    
    The Brave Young Generation (1971)    
    Bliss from Heaven (1972)    
    Boxers of Loyalty and Righteousness (1972) ... Fu Tzu's sister Chiu-Yung
    The Beauty Heroine (1973)    
    The Fearless Golden Dragon (1974)    
    A Fascinating Avenger Girl (1974)    
    The Beauty with Two Faces (1976)