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喬納森艾思佳  ♂
Jonathan Isgar
Jonathan James Isgar,  Johnathan Gisger
Birthplace: United Kingdom

Filmography (1988-1997)
  Actor (24 films)
    Fatal Glory (1988)    
    Ninja: American Warrior (1988)    
    Euro Crossing (1988)    
    Ninja, Phantom Heros U.S.A. (1988)    
    L.A.Connection (1988)    
    U.S.Catman 2: Boxer Blow (1989)    
    Thunder Kids: Golden Adventure (1989)    
    American Force 5: Mission Dynamo (1989)    
    American Force 6: Soldier Champion (1989)    
    U.S.Catman: Lethal Track (1989)    
    News Attack (1989) ... [Extra]
    Spy Games (1989)    
    Queen of Phoenix: Against Destiny (1990)    
    Royal Destiny (1990)    
    The Outlaw Brothers (1990) ... Miego's man
    Bullet in the Head (1990) ... Bomb squad member
    Undeclared War (1990) ... Iam
    Armour of God II - Operation Condor (1991) ... Tasza
    Mission of Condor (1991)    
    Once Upon a Time in China (1991) ... Mr Jackson
    Lee Rock (1991) ... British Police Offiicer
    Fight Back to School II (1992) ... Terrorist
    Invincible (1992)    
    Mr. Nice Guy (1997) ... Demon Gang member
  Born in the UK, Jonathan Isgar's family moved to Australia when he was very young and he now has Australian citizenship. He was backpacking in Hong Kong when he was offered roles in films. He had a background in gymnastics, but trained with friends and fellow actors Bruce Fontaine, Ken Goodman, and Mark Houghton in martial arts. Retired in 1997 and currently lives in Bangkok while working the mines in West Australia.