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名駒揚  ♂
Ming Kui-Yeung
Filmography (1955-1965)
  Actor (19 films)
    How Ng Hei Slew His Wife to Prove His Allegiance to a General (1955)    
    The Magic Jade Fan (1955)    
    Love in a Dangerous City (1955)    
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (1956) ... Roaring Dog
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (The Sequel) (1957)    
    The Phoenix Hairpin (1957)    
    Naughty Princes, Proud Husband (1957) ... Hunchback minister
    The Precious Lotus Lamp (Part 3) (1958)    
    The Long Night (1958)    
    Lady Wen's Return to the Han People (1958)    
    Gui Zhi Sues (1959)    
    The Whims of the Heart (1959)    
    Little White Golden Dragon (1961)    
    The General and the Tyrant (1961)    
    Wonder Boy (1961)    
    The Birth of Shi Guizi (1962)    
    Rendezvous at Baidi City (1962)    
    Story of the Sword and the Sabre (Part 3) (1965)    
    Story of the Sword and the Sabre (Part 4) (1965)