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Lee Tik-Sang
Filmography (1949-1962)
  Music (37 films)
    Nazha Conquered the Seven Devils at Mei Hill (1949)    
    Kam Luo, the New Prime Minister (1949)    
    Lui Tung-Ban's Three Tricks on White Peony (1949)    
    Lee Yuen-Ba (1949)    
    A Devoted Soul (Part 1) (1949)    
    A Devoted Soul (Part 2) (1949)    
    Plenty of Sons, Plenty of Wealth (1951)    
    An Extraordinary Hero, Black Swirling Wind (1952)    
    Bad-luck for the Fishmonger at Tortoise Hill (1955)    
    How Zhou Yu Was Thrice Defeated by Kong Ming (1956)    
    The Green Jade Hairpin (1956)    
    How Liang Hongyu's War Drum Caused the Jin Army to Retreat (1956)    
    Bloodshed in the Chu Palace (1956)    
    Mourn for the Storm-Beaten Flower (1956)    
    How Fangtangjing Made a Fool of the Unruly Girl (1956)    
    Fatty Marries Skinny (1956)    
    The Feuds Between Fang Tanfgjing and Chen Mengji (1957)    
    The Precious Fan (1957)    
    The Story of Sima Sheung-yu (1957)    
    The Fool's Honeymoon (1957)    
    Dragon and Phoenix Revelry (1958)    
    The Humble Wife (1958)    
    The Tragic Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1958)    
    A Scholar Redeems His Love (1958)    
    The Fourth Son of the Yang Family Visits His Mother (1959)    
    Springtime Lovers (1959)    
    Funny Misunderstanding (1959)    
    Misguided Love (1959)    
    My Good Nephew (1959)    
    Another Three Years of Waiting (1959)    
    Wu Song Fights the Tiger (1959)    
    A Fool in the Army (1959)    
    The Kidnappers (1960)    
    Adventure of Black Heroine (1960)    
    Finally We Meet Again (1961)    
    The Golden Cat (1961)    
    Banners of Victory (1962)