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芳艷芬  ♀
Fong Yim-Fen
Fong Yim-Fun,  Katie Yang
Born: 1928 (China)

Filmography (1950-1966)
  Actor (160 films)
    The Flower Drops by the Red Chamber (1950)    
    The Story of Tung Siu-Yen (1950) ... Tung Siu-Yen
    A Girl Named Liang Lengyan (Part 1) (1950) ... Leung Lang-Yim
    A Girl Named Liang Lengyan (Part 2) (1950) ... Leung Lang-Yim
    Hongling's Blood (Part 1) (1951)    
    Hongling's Blood (Part 2) (1951)    
    She Says "No!" to Marriage (1951)    
    A Second Visit to the City of Love (1952)    
    Lonely Moon on a Lonely Bed (1952)    
    The Love Chain (1952)    
    Nothing Counts But Love (1952)    
    A Song of Everlasting Sorrow (1952)    
    A Perfect Match (1952)    
    All the Love Heaven Allows (1952)    
    Return of the Soul (1952)    
    Mis-Matched Love Birds (1952)    
    A Couple in Love (1952)    
    Paying Nocturnal Mourning to White Lotus (1952)    
    Radiant Love (1952)    
    Filial Piety That Moved the Heaven (1952)    
    Joyous Reunion (1952)    
    She Said "No!" to Marriage But Now She Says "Yes" (1952) ... Lee Yuk-Lan
    Spring Is in Town (1952)    
    Her Perilous Adventures (1952)    
    Money Will Come Somehow (1952)    
    Bride a la Mode (1952) ... Fung Ah-Heung/Fung Yim-Hung
    Beautiful Matching (1952) ... Fong Siu-Hung
    Everyone's Darling (1952)    
    Charming Night (1952) ... Leung Lai-Wah
    Private Lives of Opera and Movie Stars (1952) ... Herself
    Joys of Love on a Spring Night (1953)    
    The Female White Golden Dragon (1953)    
    Happy Marriage (1953) ... Wan/Cousin Luk Yin-Wan
    The Rendezvous (1953) ... Chow Lai-Wan
    The Scholar Tang Bohu and the Maid Qiuxiang (1953)    
    A Schoolar's Love-Song (1953)    
    A Sweet Love-Affair (1953)    
    Flowers of Wealth (1953)    
    A Buddhist Recluse for 14 Years (1953)    
    Romantic Spell (1953)    
    Rich and Happy (1953)    
    Romantic Night (1953)    
    Darling (1953)    
    The Prude (1953)    
    Another Chance for Love (1953) ... Pak Lin-Fa/Lotus Pak
    Music of Peace and Joy (1953)    
    Swallows' Return (1953) ... Luk Sheung-Hing
    Men's Hearts (1953)    
    Unexpected Luck (1953) ... Wong Sau-Kuen
    Tears for an Absenty Love (1953)    
    A Cadet in Love's Battle (1953)    
    The Expectant Wife (1953)    
    The Crushed Flower (1953)    
    The Very Best From Show Biz (1953)    
    Woman in Grief (1953)    
    When Pretence Becomes Reality (1953) ... Wong Lai-Chen
    A Family of Eight in One Bed (1954)    
    Pretty Girl from Kuala Lumpur (1954) ... Hung Ling-Yim
    Grief Stricken for Me (1954)    
    The Elopement (1954)    
    The 10 Year Search for the Missing Husband (1954)    
    Grand View Garden (1954) ... Lam Doi-Yuk
    Motherly Love (1954)    
    The Tragic Death of Lin Daiyu (1954) ... Lam Doi-Yuk
    Sound of Music (1954)    
    Mrs. Cheng (1954)    
    A Houseful of Treasures (1954)    
    Homeward Bound! (1954) ... Law Wan-Lan
    Do Unto Others as They Do to You (1954)    
    The Eternal Peony (1955)    
    Why Should a Nice Girl....? (1955)    
    Village Girl (1955) ... Mei
    Her Unrequited Love (1955)    
    The Rich Girl and Her Double (1955) ... Ho Mei-Ling/Ah Fei
    Resurrection (1955) ... Ah Hing
    The Poisonous Rose (1955)    
    A Sister's Heart (1955)    
    The Faithful Wife (1955)    
    A Beauty's Flourishing Fragrant (1955) ... Luk Yim-Hung
    Crossroads (1955)    
    Romance Lasting Seven Lives (1955)    
    Till Death Do Us Part (1955)    
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Lover
    Silver Phoenix (1955)    
    The Full Moon (1955)    
    Honeymoon (1955)    
    Lovers' Eternal Union (1956)    
    She's Not the Real Lady (1956)    
    Feather Fan Under Spring Lantern (1956)    
    Spring Comes Back (1956)    
    Funny Girl (1956)    
    Pleasure Daughter (1956)    
    The Story of Little Cabbage and Yang Naiwu (1956)    
    Life and Death Together (1956)    
    Moonlight (1956)    
    Son of a Noble Family (1956)    
    Oriole's Song (1956) ... Mei-Yuk
    An Actress in War (1956)    
    Too Late for Divorce (1956)    
    Best Fortune (1957)    
    The Reunion (1957)    
    Return on a Snowy Night (1957)    
    Loving Enemies (1957) ... Zhao Xiao-Xuan/Ding Qiu-Hong
    The Pipa's Lament (1957)    
    I Cannot Love You (1957)    
    The Nymph of the River Lo (1957)    
    An Orphan Raised on Love (1957)    
    Joyous Wedding (1957)    
    Happy Reunion (1958)    
    The Merry Phoenix (1958)    
    Spring's Joyous Blessings (1958)    
    The Rich Young Lady (1958)    
    The Sweep-Stakes Seller (1958)    
    Radiant Phoenix (1958)    
    The Fairy Shepherdess (1958)    
    Mother's Broken Heart (1958) ... Choi Yuk-Fan
    Why Not Return? (1958)    
    A Buddhist Recluse for 14 Years (1958)    
    Lovers' Tears (1958)    
    The Scarlet Mark (1958)    
    Her Prosperous But Selfish Husband (1958)    
    Swallows Come Home (1958)    
    The Tragic Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai (1958) ... Chuk Yingtai
    The Playboy Emperor and the Dedicated Meng Lijun (1958)    
    How Third Madam Educated Her Son (1958)    
    The Story of a Chaste Woman (1958)    
    Red Maid, the Matchmaker (1958) ... Hung Neung
    Madame Qin Xianglian (1958)    
    Wealth Always Follows Woe (1958) ... Mok King-Sing
    Lady Wen's Return to the Han People (1958)    
    A Wife of Nobility Is Never Free (1958)    
    Flower of the Night (1958)    
    The Seven Good Wives (1958)    
    The Story of Yu Tang-Chun (1958)    
    Beauty Fades from Twelve Ladies' Bower (1958) ... Lee Hoi-yin, Siu-yin
    Twin Lotuses (1959)    
    Twelve Beauties' Tricks on the Scholar (1959)    
    The Brave Daughters of Han (1959)    
    Love Follows Fortune (1959)    
    Gui Zhi Sues (1959)    
    Heaven Brought Us Together (1959) ... Yip Shan-Chung
    Blood, Love, Tears (1959)    
    Swallow the Poison with a Smile (1959) ... Wan To-hung
    Snow Storm in June (1959)    
    The Beautiful Ghost's Grievance (1959) ... Kung Lai-Wan
    Sweet Girl (1959)    
    Misguided Love (1959)    
    Follow the Husband (1959)    
    How Madam Zhao Went Far and Wide in Search of Her Husband (1959)    
    Story of Wang Bao Chuan (1959)    
    Sweet Dew on a Beautiful Flower (1959)    
    Regret from the Spring Lantern and Feathered Fan (1959)    
    The Dream Meeting Between Emperor Wu of Han and Lady Wei (1959)    
    The Moonlight and Pi-pa of the Borderland (1959)    
    Dai Heung Lei Cheut Sing (1961)    
    Romantic Night of Hong Kong (1961)    
    Heart to Heart (1962)    
    Compilation of Dacheng Colours (1963)    
    Joy to the World (1963)    
    Four Sisters (1966) ... [Movie clip]
  Fong Yim Fun's virtuosity and distinctive singing style made her the "Queen of Cantonese Opera" in the fifties, according to many. Her on screen career spanned in 10 years with performances in Cantonese Opera films such as "A Buddhist Recluse for 14 years", "The Nymph of River Lo", "The Tragic Story of Leung Shan Pak and Chu Ying Toi", "Snow in June", "Sweet Dew on a Beautiful Flower".

Fong also starred in a number of contemporary dramas like "Pretty Girl from Kuala Lumpur", "Mrs. Cheng", "The Rich Girl and Her Double", "The Sweepstakes Marriage" and so on.

In 1953, When Hong Kong Cantonese Opera professionals were planning to establish The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, Fong donated the money required for the purchase of the property where it was going to be seated. In 1984, Fong founded the Kwan Fong Charitable Foundation and has since been involved in many charitable activities. In 2003, she was granted the Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

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