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王人美  ♀
Wang Ren-Mei
Wong Yan-Mei ,  Wang Renmei
Born: November 8th, 1914 (Hunan, China) - Died: April 12th, 1987

Filmography (1930-1957)
  Actor (20 films)
    Wailing in Hollow Valley (1930)    
    An Actor and an Actress (1931)    
    Wild Rose (1932)    
    Poetry Written on the Banana Leaf (1932)    
    A Real Man (1933) ... Xu Lan-Erh
    Dawn Over the Metropolis (1933)    
    Stirring of Love (1933)    
    Song of the Fisherman (1934)    
    Children of Trouble Times (1935) ... Ah Feng
    A Little Angel (1935)    
    Song of Regret (1936)    
    Soaring Aspiration (1936)    
    Melancholy Hatred (1938)    
    The Pirates of the Yellow Sea (1938)    
    Wings of China (1940)    
    The Spring That Can't Be Shut Up (1948)    
    Fury in Their Hearts (1950) ... Wang Er
    Spring Comes to Both Families (1951)    
    The Magic World of Filmdom (1953)    
    The Footprints of Youth (1957)    
  Born in Changsa, real name Wang Shuxi. She and her brother Wang Renyi joined the Bright Moon Troop when she was 13. Married actor Jin Yan at the age of twenty. Nicknamed "Wild Cat". Divorced in 1945, married painter Ye Qianyu in 1955. Also a singer, Wang Renmei released 60 songs on records. Contracted to United Photoplay Service (Linhua Productions), her popularity declined after her marriage to chauvinist Jin Yan. Film credits include: Twin Stars, 1931, Wild Rose, 1932, A City in the Morning, 1933, Song of the Fisherman, 1934 (written specifically for her), Sons and Daughters in Storm, 1935, Lofty Expectations, Eternal Regrets, 1936, Regret at Departure, 1938.

Source: CCTV documentary, thanks to David Wells