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Kwan Chi-San
Kwan Chi-Sun
Filmography (1964-1969)
  Producer (15 films)
    An Ocean of Love (1965)    
    You Do Me Wrong (1966)    
    Romance of a Teenage Girl (1966)    
    Colourful Youth (1966)    
    Night of the Opera Stars (1966)    
    The Dutiful Daughter Chu Chu (1966)    
    The Sweetest Moment (1967)    
    A Glamourous Christmas Night (1967)    
    Love Him, Miss Him, Hate Him (1968)    
    Love with a Prodigal (1968)    
    The Saint (1968)    
    Beauty in the Mist (1968)    
    Dragon Flies While Phoenix Dances (1969)    
    Magic Cat (1969)    
    Girls Are Flowers (1969)    
  Production Manager (2 films)
    Love and Passion (1964)    
    Tears of a Plum Blossom (1965)