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Huang Yun-Shan
Huan Yun-Shan,  Wong Wan-Shan,  Wong San
Filmography (1956-1972)
  Art Director (8 films)
    The Green Jade Hairpin (1956)    
    A Brave Girl Avenges Her Husband's Death (1956)    
    Breaking the Coffin to Rescue Mother (1959)    
    How Zhen E Slew the Tiger (1960)    
    Two Swords and a Pearl (1961)    
    Lady Songbird (1968)    
    Gold Rush Madness (1968)    
    The Lady Professional (1971)    
  Scenery (9 films)
    Filial Son's Bridge in Guangdong (1958)    
    Two Sisters and the Stepmother (1960)    
    Two Honourable Sisters (1960)    
    The Twins (1960)    
    The Intelligent Mandarin (1963)    
    The Swift Knight (1971)    
    The Rescue (1971)    
    Finger of Doom (1972)    
    Pursuit (1972)