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Jonathan Foo  ♂
Jon Foo
Born: October 30th, 1982 (United Kingdom)

Filmography (2005)
  Actor (3 films)
    House of Fury (2005) ... John
    The Myth (2005) ... [Extra/Stunt]
    Life, Translated (2005) ... Brian
  Wushu practitioner from the United Kingdom. Made his screen debut in the UK martial arts film LEFT FOR DEAD (2004). Appeared as a ninja in BATMAN BEGINS (2005), and had a memorable fight scene against Thai action star Tony Jaa in THE PROTECTOR (2005). Also appeared in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION (2009) as a UniSol. The hard work has paid off with the lead role of Jin Kazama in 2010's live action adaptation of the video game TEKKEN.